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DEGROFF: It’s Funny How I’m Suddenly Grateful For Traffic

By John DeGroff

May 28, 2020 at 12:05 am

I never thought I'd actually be happy to see traffic. (Years ago, I did see the band Traffic, and I really enjoyed that show, but it's the other kind I'm talking about.)  Warsaw, Indiana, where I live, has a major four-lane east/west road, State Route 30, that's pretty much a direct truck route to Chicago. During the Great Wuhan Kungflu Overreaction of 2020, it was pretty much empty of most traffic save semis. That was a great thing to see but kind of eerie in a way.

How do I know this? I refused to be a sheeple. I got out and about. I also like to indulge in my bad habit of smoking a pipe that my wife won't let me do in the house. I know, I just said I'm not a sheeple, but it's different with one's wife. Trust me. Anyhow, I got out a lot.  Slowly, I started noticing an ever-increasing amount of traffic. Obviously other non-sheeples out and about.

It was just this last Friday when there was actual traffic, the kind that makes you wonder why that idiot in front of you hasn't noticed the light turned green. Actual people, in cars, waiting for some moron to move. Just like it should be. There were people in stores as well. I also know this because I was out running errands. That's why I was in traffic in the first place. I was in the approximate 50% not wearing a mouth bra and it felt great.

If you've read much of my musings these last couple of years, you might remember my droning on and on regarding the concept of empiricism. You know, being aware of what you're actually seeing and/or experiencing.

It's become obvious that the American public has become very aware of what they're been seeing and/or experiencing. It's also very obvious they've had enough of the unconstitutional, liberal bovine fecal matter. Even folks in some of the blue states no longer give an airborne copulation what they're governors are demanding of them and are taking matters into their own hands.  People have experienced empirical knowledge without even knowing they had. What's important now is to keep the opening up, freedom regaining process civil, without the civil war.

If push comes to shove too many times, though. those words "civil" and "war" will have another meaning. Americans don't want that to happen. At least most of the people I speak with personally don't. But the anger is there, just under the surface. I honestly think real, "deplorable", Americans would take up arms if too many of our freedoms were replaced by the Democrat's Socialist agenda, or more accurately, The Daily Narrative.

Speaking of Narratives

It's probably too late in the game for this, but during this Wuhan Kungflu Overreaction, it would have been a good idea to have posted a Daily Narrative. Seriously, what are the guidelines?

(*That phrase "the new normal" would be a great name for a laxative. Just sayin'...)

This is just a very short list of the new socialist policies that have been thrown at us by Democrats getting a real Nazi hard-on for this stuff. If you're gonna have a Daily Narrative, why not have Dr. Fauci come out in an SS Uniform and shout in German:  "Achtung! Zeit fur die tagliche Erzahlung!" (Attention! Time for the daily narrative!)

The True America… Small Towns

I am from a small town in northwestern Ohio called West Unity. It's roughly 1800 people and one stoplight. I know I've made mention of this before. It's important here because in spite of all the illogical shutdown BS recently, West Unity, Ohio had 3 separate services on Memorial Day.

These services were organized in part by the local American Legion, Post 669. My father, Maynard A. DeGroff, was a charter member of this post. I've written about my Dad before for ClashDaily in a column entitled "Question: Was America Greater During WWII And With Gen. Patton?", posted on May 21, 2016. My father served in Patton's 3rd and was a baker in the 3022nd Baking Company, 4th Armored Division. There are a couple of interesting stories in the article that make a good read and shows just one more aspect of The Greatest Generation.

West Unity has also done something unique to honor all veterans, living, and deceased.   Through a company called, the town has placed photo banners of local military personnel, past and current, throughout the town. A lot of different people got on board to make this happen, so I'd be wrong to thank just one or two individuals. These banners go up right before Memorial Day and stay up through the summer until Labor Day. Anyone can have a banner made for a service member they would like to honor. (If you're interested in seeing what West Unity has done, here's a link.)

I've also included some photos from my home town. Growing up, I couldn't wait to leave.  Now, I couldn't be more proud to be from here. This is what America is really all about.  Community.


Continue to practice empiricism more closely than before.  The Daily Narrative is an actual thing and we need to keep track of the ever-changing talking points. Also...GET OUT THERE AND DO STUFF...regardless of where you live or whatever Nazified governor you might have mistakenly elected last time around.  And speaking of elections...take notes, pay attention, and vote.


I've been working on a new music project, SALT 2. It's practically done with just the mastering process yet to be finished. I can't give a release date yet. I will say this: besides myself, there are two other Petra alumni on the project. I'll provide updates, and also please feel free to check out Thanks in advance for your support.