DOJ: Phone Records Link Pensacola Shooter To Al Qaeda — Here’s The 411

Written by Wes Walker on May 18, 2020

Apple refused to allow the government access to the killer’s phone. But our guys were able to break their way in and got a treasure trove of information.

Bill Barr and Director Wray stood up at the podium to provide an update on what we now know about the Pensacola shooter.

First, Barr explained how we got this new information. (It was no thanks to Apple.)

The Pensacola attack was no ‘lone wolf’ operation. He was all-in for Al Quaeda.

He had been connected with them since at least 2015. He found his way to American shores, and he exercised a deliberate plan to murder Americans who thought themselves safe on their own soil.

Little did they know there was a wolf in their midst. He was armed with a weapon and murderous intent, while his victims were sitting ducks whose options included running away or getting shot.

Our guys demonstrated some real courage when it counted… but paid with their lives in the process.

The murderous bastard came here with evil intent. Had they been permitted to carry on base, our guys could have stopped him in his tracks.

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