Donktum Does It Again–His Latest Joe Biden Meme Is Absolute Perfection (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on May 21, 2020

President Trump’s favorite meme-maker mocks the absurdity of Joe Biden’s presidential bid without a single word.

Joe Biden’s campaign is a joke.

This is a man who is breaking down before our eyes.

The daily routine of trotting him out in front of the cameras to muddle through interviews while he relies on his notes for every question is becoming monotonous.

At some point, it should be considered elder abuse.

But, he’s their best hope because he’s talking about the global pandemic in a serious way–or something.

Basically, he’s just saying “science” and leaving it at that, despite vast disagreements on what the science is. Take the debate about the efficacy of facemasks as one example or that the CDC is now saying that the novel coronavirus is not spread easily from surfaces despite trumpeting it from the rooftops in March.

Really, Joe?

How about we ask him a couple of “sciencey” questions…

How many genders are there? Biden says “at least 3.”

Is a fetus a human? Joe won’t precisely say…but his recent shift from supporting to opposing the Hyde Amendment as well as his “unequivocal support for a woman’s right to choose” is telling. Joe has held the “I believe in Catholic doctrine personally, but not in public life” position. This means that he believes that life begins at conception, but still thinks it’s fine to snuff out that life for reasons of convenience.

What does Joe think of the “settled science” of climate change based on computer models? He’s appointed Green New Deal zealot Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez(D-NY) as co-chair of his Climate Change Taskforce.

And when it comes to the virus that was unleashed on the world by the Chinese Communist Party, Joe says that we need more Personal Protective Equipment, testing, and contact tracing.

How sad is it that Joe Biden is the guy that the Democrats chose (sorta)?

It’s tragi-comic. Democrats want to bring back the Obama administration, and Joe is the closest that they can get.

So, they chose the 2-time failed to clinch the nom candidate as their guy.

The plagiarizing, hair-sniffing, skinny-dipping, touchy-feely, flip-flopping, glad-handing, low-energy, septuagenarian, gaffe machine hiding in his basement that knew that Michael Flynn was targetted, that the Trump camp was being spied on, and who may have sexually assaulted a Senate aide in 1993.

Carpe Donktum managed to summarize the mess that is Joe Biden in this one brief meme.

Riffing off that ridiculous “mask you can wear while eating” Donktum blasts Joe’s equally ridiculous presidential campaign. (Pay special attention to the background, it’s the details that make this so spectacular.)

This is what his campaign looks like to most Americans who aren’t Obama zombies–a sad, old man with reminders of who he is eating alone while wearing a mask in his basement while his home-care aide watches to make sure he doesn’t choke.

It’s sad, really.

But it’s also some pretty glorious meme-fodder.

All’s fair in love and war–and we all know that politics is both.

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