EPIC: Cops Done Playing Games With This Hub Of Lowlife Habitual Offenders (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on May 24, 2020

A few jerks can make life hell for a whole community. What do you do when being ‘known to police’ isn’t enough of a deterrent to keep them in line?

In this one case, local cops take dramatic action.

They have decided to make a very public example of the dirtbags terrorizing their neighborhood.

Brevard County, Florida (no, that’s different from Broward, where coward cops hid from the school shooter and we see habitual election mayhem), stopped playing defense.

The home where it’s all happening is now officially on the local cops’ s**tlist.

The house is visible behind the sheriff and his officers in the video. “This afternoon, I’m standing in front of a house… in Port St. John that has become a complete nuisance to its neighborhood and our agency,” he started out the video. “This house and the overwhelming majority of the people in it are a constant disruption and a pain in the butt to their neighbors, the children in this area and, to be honest, your taxpayer dollars as our agency has now responded to almost 100 calls for service at this address in the past 12 months. Now, think about that for a minute.”

He continued: “Almost 100 times, our deputies and team members have had to respond to this address for various complaints that have taken them away from being able to protect the remainder of this community just because the majority of the people who live or frequent this address can’t obey the law. Now, the calls to this house have been for drugs, a drug overdose where Narcan had to be deployed, fights, stolen vehicles, needles thrown over the fence in the neighbor’s yard, disturbances and so on.”

…The sheriff alleged:

The people in this house are dealing in drugs, using drugs, and abusing drugs and stealing other people’s stuff to finance their crimes, and it needs to stop. Enough is enough. The neighbors in this area are in such distress they won’t even let their kids go out to play for fear they will encounter one of these knuckleheads or one of the needles they’ve left behind. Now I’ve never been shy about telling people we target criminals since they target our citizens, so since the majority of the occupants of this residence can not obey the law, this is what we are going to do.

You and your house have now officially made my hit list, high-intensity target, that’s right, you inside the house, and you know exactly who I’m talking about, are constantly begging to go to jail so, congratulations, you are now on the sheriff’s hit list and, as such, if you can’t obey the law, you will very soon find yourself living at a different address – the Brevard County jail. In fact, let me be very clear. If you’re even thinking about visiting this house, you might want to rethink your visit because if you show up at this house with the thought of committing a crime, there is a relatively good chance you will find yourself a target of this agency, and you will find yourself on the way to jail or perhaps blue lights in your rear view mirror.

In Brevard County, our citizens are our partners. In this area, the neighbors impacted by this nuisance have taken upon themselves to install surveillance cameras that point directly at this house in an effort to protect themselves against the disgusting behavior that goes on here. So keep in mind that every single person that comes to this residence and their actions are under surveillance and the neighbors are very kind about sharing the videos with us every day. —Heavy

Dealing with the numbnuts in this house is going to be the personal pet project of the local cops.

In a time where convicts are going free because we’re afraid that rapists might catch the sniffles, it’s nice to see that some people are still interested in maintaining the peace.