Masculinity Is A Threat To Control Freaks – That’s Why They Hate Real Men

Written by Doug Giles on May 30, 2020

It’s not the bearded women we see in so much Christian art that puts the fear of God in tyrants… it’s real-deal masculine men of substance.

The kind of men craven clowns in their ivory towers really fear are the ones that can’t be bought, intimidated, or tempted to defect to their side.

You know… real men. The kind of man the verbum dei calls us to follow.

People like the original badass from Bethlehem, himself.

Nothing suits a pathetic culture and political tyrants more than their subjects’ losing access to masculine roles models filled with the warrior spirit. That’s why they came after Moses and Jesus and why, The Left, in particular, are trying to eradicate masculinity from our culture and your son and grandson. And here’s why: genuine masculinity is a threat to oppressive governments and policies that enslave people.

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