NYC’s COVID Death Rate In Nursing Homes Is Due To Governor Cuomo’s Disastrous Policies

Written by K. Walker on May 8, 2020

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been praised by the Media(D) for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. That’s because they aren’t reporting all of the facts.

Governor Cuomo is a human being who can make the right decisions and just as easily make the wrong ones. If we had an actual honest media, we’d be able to examine the good things that he’s done as well as the bad things that he’s done in the response to a pandemic that, frankly, we still don’t know much about. We’re all learning as we’re going, and so are the experts.

In the early days, there was consensus that we should all institute a lockdown and take some extreme precautions to prevent our healthcare facilities which would be absolutely devastating and unnecessarily cost lives. Ok, fine.

Since then, “15 Days to Flatten The Curve” has turned into “Lockdown Until There Is A Cure.” That’s not sustainable.

The New York Governer has been praised up, down, and sideways for his daily press briefings and his policies.

Robert DeNiro, a prominent anti-Trumper and actor, has been so impressed with Cuomo that he wants to portray him in a COVID-19 movie. He said, “he’s doing what a President should do.”

Governor Cuomo said that he was down with that.

There are many more on the left (and even some on the right) that are blowing sunshine up the backside of Governor Cuomo whose state has been absolutely devastated with the virus.

As of May 8, there are slightly over 1.26 million confirmed cases of the CCP novel coronavirus, and over 76,000 deaths. New York state has the highest confirmed case rate in the country with over 327,000 confirmed cases and a whopping 26,000 deaths. This means that the death rate in New York is nearly a third of all COVID deaths in the United States.

[Editor’s note: Yes, I know that there are disputes in the calculation of the numbers including those who died “with” versus “of” the coronavirus, but let’s just look at the accepted numbers for now.]

How did that happen?

Simple. It was the policies implemented by Governor Cuomo.

ClashDaily reported that Governor Cuomo sent COVID-positive patients into nursing homes with a supply of body bags. 

We’ve also reported that he’s finally facing some heat for that terrible policy–which is still in place, by the way.

The body count in nursing homes in New York continues to rise and it’s estimated to be around 5,000 deaths so far.

It turns out that it wasn’t just COVID-positive patients that were permitted into the nursing homes, it appears that in at least one upstate nursing home, COVID-positive employees were allowed into the nursing homes.

State officials signed off on the move during an April 10 conference call that excluded local officials from Steuben County, who protested the move, according to a document provided by the county government’s top administrator, Jack Wheeler.

At least 15 people have died at the Hornell Gardens nursing home in the tiny town of Hornell since the outbreak, according to county tallies. State records show just seven deaths across the county and include no data about this home.

“[T]he County was not permitted on a planning call [on April 10] with DOH and the facility owner for mitigation and response,” Wheeler wrote in a memo obtained by The Post. “We learn that DOH will allow positive-asymptomatic staff to work with COVID-positive patients only. We raise our concerns and objections.”

Source: New York Post

The facility conducted tests on April 8 and 9. The results were in by April 10 the same date as the planning call. According to a memo by Wheeler, the results showed that 46 of the 140 people who live or work at the home were positive for COVID-19. The intention was that infected, asymptomatic employees would treat other infected patients, but the situation at Hornell Gardens deteriorated.

Interestingly, Gov. Cuomo had deflected from his terrible policy of forcing private nursing homes to readmit COVID-positive patients by saying that if they can’t handle it, the state would take the patients and the private facility would lose the revenue.

The thing is, the state-run homes weren’t in great shape, either.

In a state-run facility for veterans in Queens, some whistleblowers have said that safety protocols are routinely violated.

A Queens veterans nursing home run by the state Department of Health has been violating protocols set by the department itself that are intended to keep patients and staff safe from coronavirus, multiple staffers told THE CITY.

This includes not separating roommates when only one was suspected of having COVID-19, and failing to isolate those infected in a separate section of the facility with a dedicated team of staff members.

And like their counterparts at private nursing homes, workers at the 250-bed New York State Veterans’ Home in St. Albans say protective gear has been in short supply and at times absent — with recommended N95 masks handed out just once in late March and expected to last for weeks.

Only last week were supplies replenished, they said.

Meanwhile, the staffers say, the home had suffered resident deaths totaling at least twice or even three times the official tally of 19 that was publicly reported through May 1— essentially by the state Department of Health to itself.

Source: The City

Clearly, the Cuomo administration, as much as it touts “every life is precious” has made some massive mistakes with regard to nursing homes and is directly responsible for the spread in these facilities.

When those on Twitter label people who want the lockdowns to end as “Grandma killers” ask them about the actual “Grandma killer” Governor Andrew Cuomo’s policies. It’s almost certain that they’ll be heaping praise on him despite the disastrous results of his policies.


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