Question: Should Pastors Obey COVID19 Orders Regarding Church?

Written by Doug Giles on May 7, 2020

One church is getting the green light from the government as a pilot project to reopen. Are you impressed? Doug and Rich aren’t. Here’s why…

Is it the righteous role of the Church to hope and pray that the Government will give grace and permission to answer the call of God?

Is it ‘big daddy government’ in whom we ‘live and move and have our being’? Or is it the Thrice-Holy God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob?

You know the answer you’re supposed to SAY as a Christian. Does that line up with how you live?

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More than that, as an American Christan, you have even less excuse — your rights are enshrined, and the government is forbidden to trample on them.

Of course, rogue governments do all sorts of things the are forbidden to do — at least until the people get unmanageably unruly over it.

This is just a taste of what’s covered in this week’s Warriors and Wildmen. It’s guaranteed to offend the timid little lemmings.


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Whether he’s using a tweet, a carrot or a big, heavy stick, Trump seems to have great instincts on how to bring the other guy to the table, to drive his political rivals crazy, or to find creative ways to accomplish things that others have said ‘can’t be done’.

He’s also got nerves of steel, walking towards the fight that everyone else runs from.

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