SURF BORED: Hot Surfer Chick Fakes Catching Waves Using Hammock And Hairdryer (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on May 2, 2020

With Cali’s protest, is anyone actually confused as to why is everyone in California so desperate to get out to the beach in the middle of their heat? Just look at what folks were doing during lockdown.

One surfer was so desperate to get out in the water that she invented her own at-home version of surfing.

Her name is Yasemin Özer. She wasn’t waiting around for the bans to be lifted. She got started on a workaround. And she filmed it for us.

The 28-year-old put up the hammock and then balanced her surfboard on top. A hair dryer helped to simulate the summer breeze, she told the outlet.

“I added the hair dryer so that it fits with the feeling. If I would have had someone who tipped saltwater in my face when I fell off, the feeling would have been complete.” — FoxNews

She’s jonesing for the beach pretty hard.

Now picture an entire State in a heatwave told by their Governor that the beach is open, no wait, it’s not now.

Is it any wander they’re salty?