WATCH: Bro Kisses Cute Girl While She’s In The Middle Of A News Interview And People Are OUTRAGED

Written by K. Walker on May 25, 2020

Romance is dead and the wokescolds killed it.

There’s something wrong with our northern neighbors–they’ve become uptight, boring wokescolds. Ok, so maybe they were already like that, but the pandemic has brought out the worst in the fearful, lecturing, nanny-statists who reside north of the 49th parallel.

Now that the snow is finally gone and the weather is warming up, Canadians are venturing outside.

The NYC of Canada, Toronto, was expecting unseasonably warm weather this weekend, and, predictably, they decided to head to a popular park to spend the day. Photos were plastered all over social media and news reports tut-tutted the thousands that were tired of being forced into quarantine for the past 70 or so days.

One particular hot spot, Toronto’s Trinity Bellwoods Park had thousands gathering to enjoy a bit of sunshine, some appeared to be ignoring social distancing and many weren’t wearing masks. While wearing a mask indoors might stop you from spreading the virus if you have it and wear the mask properly, wearing one outside doesn’t make much sense.

In case you didn’t know, Canada, with its population of a little over 37 million, has had around 85,000 confirmed COVID-19 infections, roughly a half of them have recovered, and, tragically, 6,543 people have died. The thing about Canada is that, like many other places in the world, the vast majority of deaths have been the elderly. The Washington Post reported that 81 percent of COVID deaths in Canada have occurred in nursing homes. 

Nevertheless, the narrative of Mask Use Forever Even If It’s Unwarranted™ is now the norm.

Here is Gillian McKeown who was out at Trinity Bellwoods with her dog and asked about why she is not wearing a mask in the great outdoors when clearly the park isn’t all that crowded. (Ok, so they didn’t ask it that way, but that’s what they were essentially asking.)

In the middle of the interview, a guy comes up to her and plants a kiss on her.

That’s quite the kiss for the evening news.

When asked if he was concerned about contracting coronavirus from the young lady, Jack Ring said, “The kiss was worth it.”

People were outraged that CTV News aired this segment.

If you think that the outrage was because neither of them were wearing masks at the time, you’d be wrong.

No, dearies… it’s because of consent.

Ah, yes. That whole MeToo thing didn’t die up in Canada because of the panic of the pandemic and/or Tara Reade’s accusation against Joe Biden.

People actually called this sexual assault and saying that if she didn’t find the guy attractive, then that’s what it would have been.

Here’s the rest of the story… these two had met earlier that day and spent a significant amount of time together where there were clearly sparks. She even gave him her phone number. The young man grabbed an opportunity to cement the initial good impression by creating an opportunity for a viral video moment.

The man, Jack Ring, told the Toronto Sun Friday he’s been getting a lot of comments that his actions were sexual assault. But he said he met the woman, Gillian McKeown, earlier that day at Trinity Bellwoods Park and they had spent some time together.

“She sat down with us for the whole day and she was telling me she likes me, I went to the shop and when I was away she had to leave, so she left her number with a friend for me and told me she wanted to get together, so I came back and they told me what she said. I seen her being interviewed so I went in for the kiss,” Ring, 25, explained.

“People are assuming it’s just a random girl I don’t know, which is weird.”

McKeown declined comment Friday, except to say “it was not sexual assault.”

Source: Toronto Sun

Still, CTV News apologized for airing the segment.

Absolute wussies.

If I was a young, single woman, and a guy that I was interested in did that, that would be a mark in the “Plus” column to go out with him. That’s some moment that she’s never going to forget and certainly in a positive way.

There are some girls that like that kind of thing–a guy who is actually a guy and willing to take a chance.

This guy could’ve been shot down and had it captured on camera.

How much do you want to bet this kiss on camera was labeled “toxic masculinity” by the wokescolds up north?

If they think that that guy was toxic by kissing some girl he was attracted to, just wait until they hear about some real masculinity that isn’t related to “boy meets girl.”

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