WATCH: Chris Rock Gushes Over Cuomo, Forgets What He Said About Listening To POTUS

Written by Wes Walker on May 29, 2020

Chris Rock, who was glad to lecture us all on politics during Obama’s term, is shocked to discover that Federalism is a feature of the American Experiment.

It’s embarrassing to see a grown man successful in his career, gushing over a politician and calling him a source of ‘joy’.

Honestly, Chris. Where is your self-respect? How did you get to be such a kiss-ass?

Also — Chris might want to diversify his information sources. Cuomo isn’t especially reliable.

He contradicts himself, deflects on stories embarrassing to him, cooks the books in numbers, and is straight-up deleting evidence of catastrophic past mistakes from government websites.

Mistakes he made that triggered a wave of infections among New York nursing homes. Nursing homes went on to carry the lion’s share of New York fatalities.

But Chris Rock sees in Cuomo a source of ‘joy’? And directs a message directly to the Governor.

“You bring me calm. You bring me joy. Every single day.”

He went on to display his absolute ignorance about America’s Federalist system of government.

“Cause I don’t know what’s going on. I thought I lived in the United States. I thought I lived in a country. And now I realize we have 50 countries, essentially. Right now we’re in the country of New York. ummmm –”

Surprise. Good thing, too. Imagine if all fifty states handled this situation as ineptly as Cuomo and his killer body count did!

Chris wouldn’t have to go far to broaden his horizons. He could look right there within New York. Janice Dean has firsthand experience with Cuomo’s policies. Both of her husband’s parents died of Wuhan China Coronavirus while in retirement homes in NY.

She’s not exactly impressed with Chris Rock getting brought in to help with his messaging.

He slobbers all over Andrew Cuomo, but has nothing but vitriol for President Trump.

“A new message on the impact of Trump’s presidency from a political expert, comedian Chris Rock in his new special talks about bullies and makes the argument that while bullying is bad, if as a culture nobody knows how to take on a bully, then bullies can win,” Melber explained.

“We need f*cking bullies, that’s how Trump became president,” Rock said in his stand-up special, which was released Wednesday. “We got rid of bullies, a real bully showed up and nobody knew how to handle it.” — Read More

How quickly he forgets his own words…

Isn’t this the same Chris Rock who (when Obama was President) tried to tell us that the President is like the boss of the states, he and FLOTUS are like the Mom and Dad of America, and we should listen?

It took having a President he didn’t like to shake his belief that citizens should fall prostrate before a President.

In the unfolding of Corona crisis, where each Governor exercised his constitutional authority, and the current President did NOT invoke a ‘pen and a phone’ to run roughshod over the boundaries of his Article II powers — Chris finally stumbled on what his school failed to teach him about federalism in civics.

Maybe someone can tell him that this is what is meant by the ‘American Experiment’.

He Chris. Go back to being funny. You’re not so good at being ‘deep’.