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WATCH: Joe Biden Tries To Give President Trump A Nickname And It’s Just AWFUL

Sleepy Joe who seems perpetually confused these days decided to try and give the President a nickname. It didn’t go so well.

There is no doubt that President Trump is a master at giving people nicknames.

  • Crooked Hillary (Clinton)
  • Pocahontas (Elizabeth Warren)
  • Mini Mike (Bloomberg)
  • Nervous Nancy (Pelosi)
  • Shifty (Adam) Schiff
  • Low Energy Jeb (Bush)
  • That Woman From Michigan (Governor Gretchen Whitmer)

And he has a whole host for former Vice President Joe Biden…

  • 1 Percent Biden
  • 1 Percent Joe
  • China Joe
  • Crazy Joe Biden
  • Quid Pro Joe
  • Sleepy Joe
  • Sleepy Creepy Joe

There’s an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to the nicknames given by President Trump.

The thing about nicknames is that they have to have a kernel of truth to them. Trump is an absolute master at finding that one thing that will make a nickname stick.

With Joe, all of those things are true. Some conservatives (like me) wondered why President Trump would go with the nickname Sleepy Joe rather than the low-hanging fruit of Creepy Joe as the go-to nickname. But, as the Democratic race dragged on, it seems like “sleepy” was indeed the appropriate adjective to attribute to Joe. He seemed half-awake, he had no energy, and he caved and backed away when challenged.

Just last week, Biden had said that he wasn’t going to give the President a nickname.

Last week, he said that he was ‘really resisting’ giving the president a moniker but it appears Biden, who is known to Trump as ‘Sleepy Joe’, in an attempt to question whether he is fit for office, had finally reached his limit.

In an interview which appeared in Vanity Fair, Biden noted that Trump’s use of nicknames was skillful.

‘Trump is a master at laying nicknames on people. I can hardly wait to get onto the stage with Donald Trump,’ he said before adding: ‘I’m really resisting giving a nickname to’ the president.’

Source: Daily Mail

Joe has changed his tune and decided to try out a nickname for President Trump after all.

He’s calling him President Tweety.

No, really.

Here’s video evidence.

Wow. That’s awful!

Does President Trump tweet a lot? Yes. The nickname passes the grain of truth test, but here’s the problem with it–he is still using his title of President. That still shows a sign of respect. President Trump didn’t call Biden “Vice President Sleepy” or “Former Vice President Sleepy” because that would completely undermine the purpose of the nickname which is to discredit his opponent.

Besides that, if Biden watched even one episode of Loony Tunes, he’d know that Tweety is the small, clever bird that outsmarts the predatory, idiot cat in every single episode. I’m not sure that’s the image that he wants his opponent portrayed as.

But then, it seems that Joe Biden has no clue how the new mode of campaigning works.

Watch as he says that young people don’t rely on the internet for their information.

The man is clueless!

How can he possibly think that people don’t get their news from the internet?

Perhaps Joe thinks that they’re getting their news from the newsreels in the movie the-ay-ters before that new Clark Gable movie about the goings-on in South and that pretty, young filly named after a color–Violet was it? Maybe Rose? You know, you know–the thing. (Joe likely doesn’t remember.)

This is the Democratic nominee, everyone. This is the best that they’ve got.

President Trump is going to absolutely humiliate him during the debate. Well, even more than he’s already humiliating himself. That’s going to be quite a feat.

K. Walker

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