WATCH: White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Torches The Fake News Media(D)

Written by Wes Walker on May 7, 2020

The White House Press corps wanted the truth… but can they HANDLE the truth?

The newly-minted Press Secretary was asked in a *gotcha* question last week if she would tell the truth. This week, they got more truth than they bargained for.

Kayleigh McEnany got exactly the kind of questions you might expect her to have gotten from this toxic crowd. Questions designed not to elicit information, but to embarrass the President’s administration, and to put their performance through this crisis in the worst possible light

We all knew it was coming. And just like clockwork, they took their partisan jabs.

What was NOT anticipated by many observers, however, was just how effectively this new PresSec could jab back when hit with disingenuous questions.

Not only did she do a fantastic job in age-old dance of dodge, parry, and counterstrike that comprises the interplay between Press Secretary and hostile press.

But she did more than that.

When the media tried to spring a trap by throwing old news in her face, she was ready for it.

She didn’t have to raise her voice, or get aggressive. She just presented facts and ran them — all of them — through a collective buzzsaw.

If you’re going to look for ways to use what the President said in early days while the situation was still developing, be sure that what your own outlets said at the same time is fair game.

And however embarrassing you thinking the ‘gotcha’ question might be for the President, some of your OWN positions make you look like the absolute clowns you are.

Your move, Press Corps…

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