Would Jesus ‘Social Distance’ From Sick People?

Written by Doug Giles on May 8, 2020

Social distancing around illness is by no means a new idea. The Pharisees were experts at it. And then along came Jesus to upset the applecart…

You might never know it by looking at today’s crop of pampered Christians. But Jesus was a wild man.

He was tough, physically. He was tough, mentally. And he never once turned tail and ran from a risky situation.

The same Jesus who publicly rebuked the movers and shakers in his day, knowing full well they could sick the original Foreign Legion on him didn’t shrink back from the social outcasts — even the sick ones.

How is it we can celebrate the heroic examples of Hawaii’s Father Damien or Mother Theresa’s outreach in Calcutta while Christians around the world hide in their holes over a bad cold with a body count?

Shunning the sick and hiding from harm is NOT how the Author of Life rolled. Nor does it fit with the command he left with his people in the Great Commission.

Check out what he DID do… if you dare.

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