Anarchist ‘Block Party’ Not So ‘Peaceful’ As Christian Preacher Gets Attacked And Robbed

Written by Wes Walker on June 15, 2020

Full credit to this guy for having the courage of his convictions.

The Christian imperative is that we have been commanded to go into all the world, carrying the good news to all people everywhere, proclaiming that all men (and women) must repent and believe to be reconciled to God.

The majority of Christians know this to be true, but, if they were to be honest with themselves, they do little with it. Excuses are made up for why it can’t be done. Why the audience is too hostile. Why we are underprepared. Why ‘God would understand’ that the time just isn’t right.

In the six blocks claimed by Anarchists in Seattle, however, is a group that can be rightly described as an ‘unreached people group’. So this bold guy stepped into the warzone with nothing but the proclamation of Christ.

You may have liked or disliked his approach and his methods. But full credit to him for following in the steps of the Apostles: braving a hostile crowd; telling them about Christ’s redemptive work on their behalf; and getting stomped like a narc in a biker rally… just like faithful preachers have down through the centuries.

He never once raised a hand to defend himself during this exchange. He didn’t go to be safe or protect himself. He went to proclaim a message, and take whatever flak might come from it.

That flak sure came, alright.

He was openly threatened ‘there are things worse than death’. (He didn’t explain what those might be. He only repeated the threat and let the implications hang in the air.

When someone tried to let him speak freely they, too, were attacked.

He was choked out and manhandled.

His gear was stolen.

And don’t assume the BLM peeps were behind it.

His phone was stolen.

A professing homosexual had his arms wrapped around him and kissed his face *explicitly* because he wanted to make him feel uncomfortable. (Under any other circumstance, this is called ‘sexual assault’.)

These protesters became precisely the things they claimed to hate. More likely, this just showed who they really are.

George Floyd — anyone remember him? Doesn’t look like it.

He’s unconscious, or nearly so and they drag him out of their insurrection site.

His concluding thoughts…

Remember those guys working for Bernie who said they wanted to chuck bricks and send anyone the disagreed with to a Gulag for political reeducation?

After watching this, do you think maybe they meant it?

We live in a time where Worldviews are in conflict. The one that wins will dictate our nation’s future. It’s not a conflict for the timid or weak.

You will need a healthy dose of ‘Toxic Masculinity’ (of the Jesus kind) to give you the needed strength for the fight…

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