‘Black House Autonomous Zone’ Torn Down In Lafayette Park Is Making A Comeback

Written by K. Walker on June 23, 2020

Protesters are attempting to set up another occupied cop-free zone this time it’s right in front of the White House.

Last night, protesters in Lafayette Park attempted to establish another “autonomous zone” like the “Capitol Hill Occupy Protest” in Seattle, WA. It didn’t work, however, and although there was a fenced-off area, and “BHAZ” which stands for “Black House Autonomous Zone” was graffitied everywhere, it didn’t last very long as law enforcement dispersed the crowd as they attempted to tear down the statue of former President Andrew Jackson.

(Note that the poster in a later tweet corrected that the statue was that of Andrew Jackson, not Andrew Johnson.)

The President tweeted that an “autonomous zone” will not be set up in Washington while he’s in office.

Twitter responded by doing the same stupid thing that they always do–target the President’s tweets.

Apparently “they” is an identifiable group now. Who knew?

I guess they mean anarchists wearing black bloc because it’s a pretty diverse group of people setting up BHAZ.

Like herpes, the protesters came back on Tuesday to try again to establish their “autonomous” zone.

This is what it looked like as protesters in the capitol tried unsuccessfully to create an anarchic, cop-free zone outside the White House on Monday night — momentarily barricading a city block which they dubbed the “Black House Autonomous Zone,” or “BHAZ.”

Seemingly inspired by a similar, violence laden police-free zone in Seattle named “CHOP,” masked activists were seen by The Post dragging materials from nearby construction zones and chain link fences in an attempt to declare as their own the space next to Lafayette Square.

Protesters vandalized the front of the historic St. Luke’s Episcopal Church by spray-painting “BHAZ” on its facade while the boarded-up Hay-Adams Hotel also bore the demands of the group to abolish police and end systemic racism.

Source: New York POst

We’ll see what happens with this.

Jack Posobiec of One America News Network went down there to livestream what it looks like and ended up talking to some BLM activists in the area.

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell was also on-site and had a not-so-great experience. She was nearly attacked by someone and her first reaction was “where are the police?”

That’s not how “autonomous zones” work, Andrea.

Let’s see if the Media(D) will keep cheering the lawlessness to own Trump after these kinds of interactions continue to occur.

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