BLM Protester Says That He Lost A Testicle After Being Shot By Rubber Bullet At Close Range

Written by K. Walker on June 26, 2020

A Black Lives Matter protester is suing the Los Angeles Police Department after sustaining injuries during the George Floyd protest at the end of May.

Bradley Steyn says that a rubber bullet shot at his groin at close range during a May 30 Black Lives Matter protest has caused him to lose a testicle.

Steyn is a South African native who had been involved in anti-apartheid protests when he was younger and says that he has been committed to fighting for racial equality ever since he was a teenager.

He has gone public with his injury to warn others that rubber bullets can cause real damage.

He is crowdfunding money to pay his hospital bills.

[Steyn] has since started a GoFundMe page to cover his medical bills and legal funds, and is looking to raise $17,000.

On the page, he describes the events of May 30. ‘I was marching peacefully with at the Black Lives Matter march on Saturday the 30th May, here in Los Angeles, near Fairfax in memory of George Floyd and so many other black Americans that have been murdered in America. Apartheid-style,’ he writes.

‘At the march I was shot by a member of the LAPD with a rubber bullet in the testicles. One of which was ruptured and led to me almost bleeding out on the streets of Los Angeles.’

Steyn shared photos of himself in a hospital bed with bruising visible on his chest where he claims he was beaten, as well as a large bruise on his upper thigh and a cast covering his groin. He says that he was shot at point-blank range twice–once in the thigh, once in the groin.

Steyn claims that the protest was “largely peaceful” until the L.A.P.D. escalated the violence. He also said that the violence reminded him of the anti-apartheid protests in South Africa years ago.

Here is CNN video of the “largely peaceful” protest on during the May 30 protest in Los Angeles:

Steyn says that he was injured when he tried to intervene when police were using a baton on a young woman.

In an interview with Select Times Live shortly after the incident, Steyn said: ‘Police used batons to a young woman who was sitting on her knees.

‘I tried to get him off her, and I was hit across chest by a police baton. A policeman saw me trying to physically push the cop off her and hit me in the chest. Then he aimed for my genitalia – he was two or three feet away – and shot directly into my genitalia.’

Source: Daily Mail

Doctors told Steyn that he may not be able to have children in the future.

It’s awful that he was injured, but it does remind one of good ol’ Pepper Balls, doesn’t it?

The Media(D) and Steyn are trying to equate the situation in the United States in 2020 to apartheid South Africa, which is, quite frankly, beyond stupid. It’s not even remotely the same. The “systemic police brutality” that is pointed to by the left isn’t backed up by data.

But the Media(D) has to stick with the narrative.

While they do that and stoke racial division by promoting a racist neo-Marxist group hellbent on destroying America, people who are truly concerned about racism like Steyn are getting injured.

Good work, Media(D).


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