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Cancel Joe? Biden’s Slaveholding Ancestry Is Right There In His Name

It’s only been a few weeks since Al Sharpton made a big deal in Floyd’s Eulogy that his name was evidence of his own family’s history as slaves. Can he still vote for Joe Biden?

Seriously, if the Cancel Culture is toppling monuments to abolitionists and religious figures over ‘wokeness’ issues, how could Biden survive this latest revelation?

Anna Slatz of Rebel News reported that one of Joe Biden’s ancestors was a slaveholder.

Biden’s lineage was traced by genealogical expert William Addams Reitwiesner, an American genealogist who was best known for tracing the ancestry of celebrities, U.S Political figures, and English royalty.

In an extensive tree created by Reitweinser prior to his 2010 death, he attempted to detail Biden’s heritage to the 9th-extended great grandparent, but it is the well-documented section on Biden’s alleged great-great-great grandparents that have caught the attention of some internet sleuths.

Jesse Robinette, whose surname is shared with Joe Biden’s middle name, was a slaveowner.

Source: Rebel News (Emphasis added)

Does this mean that Joe needs to step back since he has “problematic” ancestry? Them’s the New Rules as wokescold leftists have made perfectly clear. It’s especially egregious since Joe’s middle name bears the name of his slave-holding ancestor. Is he proud of his slaveholding ancestor? The least he could do is change his name, right? If George Washington and Thomas Jefferson can be erased despite their own personal positions on slavery, and Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant are also suddenly “problematic” despite their role in freeing slaves, surely someone who still holds the name of a slaveholder should be forced to change it to show his contrition for his ancestor’s actions, right?

What’s worse is that of the 7 slaves held by Biden’s great-great-great-grandfather, Jesse Robinette, in the 1830 census he reported that 5 of his slaves were minors–3 boys under the age of 15 and 2 girls under the age of 10.

Biden’s ancestor wasn’t just a slaveholder, he had children as his slaves.

[It’s taking quite a bit of restraint to not make a “Creepy Uncle Joe” joke right here, so a link will have to do.]

As ClashDaily has reported many, many times, Joe Biden has a history of racially insensitive remarks that are tone-deaf at best and racist at worst.

Here’s a sample:

But clearly the best thing that could happen in the 2020 race is if Joe Biden takes another descendant of slave owners to join him on the Democratic ticket, and she’s already on his “short list”–California Senator Kamala Harris.

ClashDaily reported on Harris’s slave-owning ancestry here:

REPARATIONS: Kamala Harris’s Dad Reveals They Are Descended From A SLAVE OWNER

That’ll help heal race-relations, eh?

What’s ironic is that wokescold Harris is advocating for reparations for slavery and Biden has been criticized for not supporting reparations. How will they square that circle?

C’mon, Joe…do it!

Let’s just get this Biden-Harris 2020 thing going right now.



We’re ready for it!

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