CNN Tries To Push Bogus ‘Peaceful Seattle’ Narrative On Live TV… That Was A Mistake (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on June 12, 2020

There’s an inherent risk in covering live TV. There is always the possibility of something unexpected happening. During this shot, the unexpected happened to unravel CNN’s official narrative.

The same TV network that was ready to wet their beds over ACTUAL peaceful demonstrators on the right showing up to petition their government for a change in law has a very different story to tell when the cause being supported is one backed by the left.

When Virginians assembled in January to protest Northam’s draconian anti-gun legislation, and when Governors here and there across the nation were met with citizens demanding the right to go back to work and feed their families, we know what happened. The TV talking heads turned the shrill all the way up to ELEVEN. It was the end of the world and granny was gonna die of the Wuhan Wheezer because we’re all selfish bastards.

These are the same gaggle of media flunkies who watched cities being burned to the ground in real-time and called them ‘mostly peaceful’ riots.

What a surprise. The ‘patriots’ who ‘love’ our country so much that they claim no longer to be part of it are armed and willing to attack Federal Agents.

Just like in that attack on the ICE facility they did their utmost NOT to cover a little less than a year ago: Antifa Anarchist Attempts To Firebomb ICE Detention Center — That Was A BAD Idea