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CNN: Wanting To Call The Cops After A Break-In Is ‘Privilege’ (VIDEO)

It didn’t take long to transition from talking about the specific details surrounding and contributing to George Floyd’s death, to dismantling police forces entirely.

The new slogan being chanted at rallies is not ‘Defund The Police’.

Naturally, this problem leads to an incredulous question… who will fill the vacuum that a civilian police force fills in society? CNN’s Alisyn Camerota asked that question of her guest, Lisa Bender. Lisa heads up City Council in Minneapolis, where they are planning to ‘dismantle’ the police force.

(Spoiler: You probably won’t like her answer.)

There are some questions that law-abiding homeowners must not ask. It would be insensitive to an aggrieved sub-group of the population.

Apparently, they’re not familiar with the notion that any new policy has to HELP at least one person, while harming as few as possible.

Here are some demands from the BLM page.

The defunding of police:

Right now, Minneapolis and cities across our country are on fire, and our people are hurting — the violence against Black bodies felt in the ongoing mass disobedience, all while we grapple with a pandemic that is disproportionately affecting, infecting, and killing us.

We call for an end to the systemic racism that allows this culture of corruption to go unchecked and our lives to be taken.

We call for a national defunding of police. We demand investment in our communities and the resources to ensure Black people not only survive, but thrive. If you’re with us, add your name to the petition right now and help us spread the word.

They also explicitly call to undermine and destroy the traditional family unit as something that is somehow ‘Western-Prescribed’

We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.

Ok. That question comes from ‘privilege’.

Let’s ask another question that won’t be ‘from privilege’. The premise we are all supposedly working from is that Black Lives Matter… correct? And that black victims deserve to have those who killed them brought to justice?

In Chicago, where something like 75% of homicides cut short the lives of black victims, vicitim families were finally starting to see their relatives’ lives matter. Cases were getting solved. Their killers being brought to justice. What do you suppose defunding the police will mean for lives and justice for THESE victims?

Justice in the New Year – it’s what hundreds of Chicagoans want heading into 2020.

And while police their murder clearance rate is the best in nine years, nearly half of those victims’ families are still waiting for answers.

…Angie Monroy, 16, was one of the 490 people killed in the city this year. She was walking home from work when she was shot in the head near 23rd and Rockwell streets.

Police say the shooter was aiming for someone else.

…At a news conference Tuesday night at the Englewood District police station, Interim Supt. Charlie Beck said the homicide clearance rate was 53% for 2019 to date.

“Although it’s not where we want to be, it’s much better than where we have been, and it will continue to improve as we move forward,” Beck said.

If 53% seems low, check out the past five years – in 2018, it was 45%, in 2017, 36%, and in 2016, 29%.

Beck also said Tuesday night that homicides were down 13 percent this year compared with last year – 74 fewer people in all.

“That’s real people who are alive because the City of Chicago has done a better job of protecting its folks,” Beck said.

A review of the department’s homicide investigation from October called for a “homicide unit” with “specifically trained detectives” a “centralized cold case unit” made up of “top homicide investigators” to increase these numbers.

“I just want the police to do their job correctly, and I hope these crimes don’t go unsolved,” Steven Monroy said. “because it leaves a blank space for families.” —

Wes Walker

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