GOOD SLEUTHING: Social Pics And Etsy Lead To Felony Charges For Cop Car Arsonist

Written by Wes Walker on June 19, 2020

You didn’t think we’d just let the rioters go, did you? Especially the brazen attacks against the people and property the enforce the rule of law?

If you did, this story may surprise you.

Whether that is a good surprise or not will depend upon your attitude toward the police and institutions themselves.

FBI has now demonstrated what they can be capable of when their resources aren’t squandered on political hit jobs orchestrated by a couple of dirty deep staters, or a Mueller investigation (but we repeat ourselves).

A chick who enthusiastically joined in the ‘festivities’ of the anti-police orgy of violence and destruction in New York has found herself facing some very serious federal charges.

A white woman believed to have set fire to two cop cars during protests in Philadelphia has been arrested after investigators traced her shirt to an Etsy page, ultimately leading to the woman’s social media accounts.

Lore-Elisabeth Blumenthal, 33, faces two counts of felony arson for her role in setting ablaze two Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) vehicles ‘following peaceful protests’ on May 30.

FBI agents used Instagram posts of the burned cars, along with 500 photos from various photographers, to identify the wording on the woman’s shirt: ‘KEEP THE IMMIGRANTS, DEPORT THE RACISTS,’ the FBI agent explained in his affidavit, VICE reports. —DailyMail

What was the chain of events?

Agents discovered that the shirt was custom made and sold on Etsy and found that a user – Xx Mv – had posted a review about purchasing the shirt. The URL belonging to the Etsy was ‘alleycatlore.’ The page listed Philadelphia as being where the user lived.

The FBI then Googled ‘alleycatlore’ and found a user named ‘Lore-Elisabeth’ on Poshmark. Agents then looked up ‘Lore-Elisabeth Philadelphia’ and found a LinkedIN page for a woman who works as a massage therapist for a company in the Philadelphia area.

Authorities then used videos from the company’s Vimeo account to identify tattoos that matched Blumenthal to the woman at the protests.

Authorities found a phone number on the website and then used it to identity the woman’s address and DMV photo.

While this occurred, Etsy provided purchasing records – following a subpoena – and confirmed that Xx Mv purchased a shirt. The subpoena also revealed that the items were sent to a Lore Elisabeth in Philadelphia. —DailyMail

Yes, she got found out by a modern version of good old-fashioned gumshoe police work.

The moral of the story? Whatever you may be doing in public never assume you are entirely anonymous. It might surprise you how many different ways law enforcement might track you.

If internet trolls were able to mess with Shia LaBeouf in an INTERNATIONAL game of ‘capture the flag’ in no time flat with the scantest of clues, what do you suppose American law enforcement can do when you’ve gone and made it personal?

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