Hey Leftists: Will You Make Your Voices Heard For The Oppressed Citizens Of Hong Kong?

Written by Wes Walker on June 24, 2020

This one of those stories that openly dares the Left to step up and put their money where their mouth is.

What are the official usual talking points of the ‘justice-loving’ Left?

They don’t like dictators, they don’t like religious freedoms being trampled. They don’t like minorites being bullied. They don’t like the stong intimidating the weak. They (claim they) don’t like countries like Russia coming in and swallowing up their neighbors. On and on the list goes.

But how willing are they to apply those very same standards to a government they like and a victim group they cannot stand? Will they abondon their principles based on who the protagonist and antagonist are? Or will they show themselves intellectually honest?

The Right stood up and denounced China when they were mistreating Uyghurs and the Falun Gong. They also spoke out against State encroachment on Church liberties and amplified the voices of Student Protesters in Hong Kong who were worried that China was coming to take away rights they were entitled to enjoy, under an 1984 treaty, for a few more decades.

Xi has gotten impatient, and has tired of waiting to claim Hong Kong as his prize. While the rest of us were dealing with COVID, Xi swallowed up Hong Kong. He swallowed up the religious freedoms of Hong Kongers in the process.

China’s blueprint for national security in Hong Kong puts pro-democracy activists, including pastors and religious leaders, at risk of being extradited to and tried in mainland China, a Christian persecution watchdog warns.

A draft of the new national security laws was passed by China Friday, which targets four new levels of criminal offenses in Hong Kong, including succession, subversion of state power, local terrorist activities, and collaborating with foreign or external foreign forces to endanger national security.

“Under such laws, vocal Hong Kong clergy who have been supportive of Hong Kong’s democracy movement, such as Cardinal Joseph Zen and Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Ha Chi-shing, could be extradited to mainland China to be tried, since Beijing considers them to be threats to the regime,” International Christian Concern (ICC), a U.S.-based Christian watchdog, said in a statement.

“Other hundreds of protestant leaders or Christian organizations who have actively spoken out against the Hong Kong government might face the same fate, since Beijing has said it considers the mass protests that began last June as terrorist acts and any calls for Hong Kong’s independence from China as acts of sedition.”

That’s right. While Americans loot and burn in major cities, ridiculously claiming that Trump and the police are ‘totalitarian’ … we need only look West across the Pacific to see what a REAL totalitarian does with protesters.

‘Courageous’ social justice blowhards like Lebron and Kaepernick weren’t about to risk pissing off China. Not when they have so much money tied up in their Chinese dealings. They can blast USA all day long. But strangely have nothing to say about Chinese abuses of Muslims, Christians, Falong Gong, as well as retroactively punishing any Hong Konger who mistakenly believed he had free speech in his country.

Nope. Most leftists couldn’t spare a thought for any of that. But ask them to tell you how much America sucks, and they just might clear their schedule, just to fit it all in.

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