John Wayne: PC Peeps Are Taking Another Run At Canceling ‘The Duke’

Written by Wes Walker on June 29, 2020

The folks who were tearing down statues without even a clue whose name is on them have turned their attention on pulling John Wayne’s name down off of a California airport.

This isn’t the first time they’ve tried to bring down this particular American Icon, either.

The Cult of the Perpetually Offended has gone digging through the vaults and is relaunching a previously-failed campaign to scrub John Wayne’s name from history… or at least from an airport named in his honor.

The Los Angeles Times reported that that officials passed an emergency resolution Friday condemning Wayne’s ‘racist and bigoted statements’.

‘There have been past efforts to get this done and now we’re putting our name and our backing into this to make sure there is a name change,’ said Ada Briceño, chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County.

According to those who crafted the resolution, the effort to oust Wayne, a longtime resident of Orange County, is part of ‘a national movement to remove white supremacist symbols and names (that are) reshaping American institutions, monuments, businesses, nonprofits, sports leagues and teams’.

They added that its is ‘widely recognized that racist symbols produce lasting physical and psychological stress and trauma particularly to black communities, people of color and other oppressed groups, and the removal of racist symbols provides a necessary process for communities to remember historic acts of violence and recognize victims of oppression’.

It adds that the county is a more diverse region than it was when Wayne’s name was given to the airport.

The resolution asked the Orange County Board of Supervisors to drop his name, statue and other likenesses from the international airport and ‘to restore its original name: Orange County Airport’.

One statement in an interview that happened long before many of our readers were even born is supposed to be enough to wipe John Wayne from history in the community he called home.

We’re supposed to ignore the criminal history of people like Rayshard Brooks while he gets elevated to martyr status, at the same time as ignoring a lifetime of achievement of someone like John Wayne.

Most of us are pretty convinced this has nothing to do with brown-skinned people being ‘triggered’ by the sight of John Wayne’s image or name. Since Westerns have fallen out of fashion, a lot of folks have already forgotten who he is.

This looks more like an attempt to replicate the push in China to remove the cultural touchstones that stood in the way of the Marxist Revolution. Anything that belongs in the realm of a Flag-waving patriotic America is increasingly Verboten.

When Mao formally launched the Cultural Revolution in August 1966, he had already shut down the schools. During the following months, he encouraged the Red Guards to attack all traditional values and “bourgeois” things and to put CCP officials to the test by publicly criticizing them. These attacks were known at the time as struggles against the Four Olds (i.e., old ideas, customs, culture, and habits of mind), and the movement quickly escalated to committing outrages. Many elderly people and intellectuals were physically abused, and many died. Nonetheless, Mao believed that this mobilization of urban youths would be beneficial for them and that the CCP cadres they attacked would be better for the experience.– Encyclopedia Britannica

We’ve got two things to say about that.

First, if the little Tinkerpots had a problem with that tough guy, they’re REALLY going have a problem with this one…

If Masculinity Is ‘Toxic’, Call Jesus Radioactive

And two, if a statue like that offends you? Do not pass go, do not collect $200 — go directly to the link, read this and take back control of your little life.

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