LMAO: Satirical Cartoon Takes Dead Aim At Fake News Handling Of Cop Stories

Written by Wes Walker on June 12, 2020

It’s every cop-meets-black-man story they’ve ever told rolled up into one.

It’s brilliant.

A cop has his gun drawn, pointed at his own reflection in bulletproof glass, and the ricochet hits himself in the groin.

There’s a memorable catchphrase uttered in the moment.

It’s caught on film. And it becomes a CNN story… complete with the logo and everything.

Then we get to see the story evolve from a simple misunderstanding.

To a story about a victim… To a story about a villainous cop… Followed by a lot of TV talking heads shouting at each other.

A lot like how it really happens.

(Fair warning, the clip has a lot of profanity.)

This captured the whole CNN fake-news experiment so brilliantly… and like most of the best art, it takes swipes at people on both sides.

The show, for anyone interested, is called Paradise PD.