Man Shot In Seattle’s Anarchist Utopia Wants To Sue The Police For This Ridiculous Reason (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on June 25, 2020

This guy clearly isn’t the coldest beer in the fridge.

We all watched the drama unfold in Seattle on the national stage. Police and ‘protesters’ with a decidedly violent streak stood toe-to-toe for weeks after the (allegedly) George Floyd riots, which quickly morphed into a very different thing. (Almost like a group was laying in wait for just the right moment to capture and redirect the energy and outrage of the public whipped up about a righteous cause.)

Politicians got cold feet, and gave a stand down order to the police, who filed out quietly, leaving control to the mob who have been demanding the decommissioning of Seattle’s police ever since.

They envision a police-less society. That was one of the key demands of the squatters who took over Seattle’s downtown, threw up a wall, and forbade police to enter.

What happens when you have an area in which no laws are enforced? A lot of bad things happen. There were several shootings… but the ambulance was NOT entering that space without police backup, and the police themselves were chased out by the mob.

And that is exactly the ‘utopia’ they were fighting for… right? Sure it was. Until…

Until this guy survives a shooting.

Of course, it should go without saying that him being shot was a bad thing, we hope the guilty party gets caught and punished, and we hope the guy in this clip recovers.

In this video, he is airing grievances about the incident itself.

Is he calling upon the good citizens of CHOPistan to mete out appropriate justice upon whoever it was that sent him out of Paradise and into an American hospital? No. That would require being intellectually consistent. That is something this crowd isn’t exactly known for being.

Instead, he’s calling out the police for (no, we aren’t kidding) failing to protect and serve.

You can’t make this stuff up, folks. He wants legal advice.

“…the cops left me out there to die…”

No, actually, your friends kept them from coming to your help.

Next time, pick better friends.

Sincerely, Everyone.

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