Seattle’s CHOP Zone Set Up A ‘Black-Only’ Segregated Area Enforced By White People (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on June 22, 2020

In the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest zone, racial segregation is cool again.

The protests that began as a backlash against the death of George Floyd and morphed into a larger protest against police brutality and alleged “systemic racism” has now come full-circle to include enforced segregation.

The area of downtown Seattle that has been taken over by protesters and recently rebranded from an “autonomous zone” to an “occupy protest” includes Cal Anderson Park.

On Friday, in order to honor Juneteenth, protesters set up an “all black healing space” which they called “Black-Out” in the park from 8 am to 8 pm.

A Facebook page for the event explains how the event was going to work.

We’re blacking out CHOP…the viral death of black bodies was the catalyst for this current movement and we need to make sure we remain focused. This means both policy and systemic change to our systems and healing space for black people.

So that’s exactly what we’re creating. A series of events in which we center black healing and community.

What we need from our non-black allies are donations of money and supplies and the willingness to support by quietly protecting sacred space for black healing. We need allies on the outskirts who are willing to be a physical barrier of protection and to peacefully deter potential interruptions.

We will be socially distancing. Please wear masks. If you don’t have one, we will have some extra available to make sure we are protecting ourselves.

Along the perimeter, masked “allies” who were white acted as a barrier to prevent non-black people from entering the space.

MAN FILMING: How long is the Black-Out going for?

ALLY: Til 8 pm.

MAN: Oh, so I have to wait til 8, basically?

ALLY: You’re welcome to hang out in the perimeter area.

MAN: Thing is, I’m half Italian and half Columbian so do I get a pass to get in there?

ALLY: This space is right now held just for black folks.

MAN: Oh. Just black. Ok, so… full-black, you’re saying.

ALLY: Um, if you have black ancestry, or if you have experienced oppression because you are black then you can enter the space.


This probably doesn’t look the way that they want it to look. But here we are–segregation is back in vogue with leftists, just like the Dixiecrats in “good ol’ days.”

It’s interesting how the left, with their obsession on race, have come right back around to their old policies that led to laws that enforced segregation–only this time the segregation is “voluntary.” The thing is, it doesn’t look so voluntary when there are sentinels at the border ensuring that only blacks are permitted in a certain area.

The “progressives” on the left are the ones that are turning back the clock on race relations to the Jim Crow era, and we should all be against that.

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