TECH TYRANNY: Facebook Pulls Posts And Ads From Trump Team For ‘Organized Hate Violations’

Written by Wes Walker on June 18, 2020

Are they still pretending to be a ‘neutral platform’?

The one thing that has been shielding Silicon Valley from their aggressively Left-of-center chicanery is the fig leaf that they are merely a ‘neutral platform’.

This means they are not exercising any editorial control over content and therefore cannot be exposed to legal recriminations for anything said on their platform.

The analogy given is the phone company exercising no control over conversations. It would be unfair to sue them. There may have been a time when the internet was a Wild West environment where anyone could say anything without being censored, demonetized, de-platformed, penalized with an adverse algorithm, or otherwise penalized for having a disfavored political, religious, or ideological view.

That no longer describes our big players in Silicon Valley.

Now, they have openly advocated a ‘Civil War’ in which they force Blue Politics down the throats of Red States whether they want it or not.

Through technology, they now have the means to illicitly influence elections.

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Clinton flunkie David Brock even made a White Paper for what they dubbed their ‘Media Matters War Plan 2017‘, which has been playing out in real time, calling Right-of-center sites and sources illegitimate, and blocking their access to internet platforms and ad revenue. (Sound familiar?)

Silicon Valley has been dancing to exactly that tune.

Now they have started messing with Trump’s election reach. This may be challenged as a potential violation of election law.

Facebook said Thursday it took down select Trump campaign ads for violating its policies regarding hate speech.

President Trump’s campaign ran ads on Facebook platforms featuring an inverted red triangle that requested the president’s supporters sign a petition opposing the far-left group “Antifa” as a terrorist organization. Mr. Trump’s critics at liberal watchdog Media Matters labeled the triangle an “infamous Nazi symbol.”

“We removed these posts and ads for violating our policy against organized hate,” a Facebook spokesperson said. “Our policy prohibits using a banned hate group’s symbol to identify political prisoners without the context that condemns or discusses the symbol.”–WashingtonTimes

And who got it pulled? That’s right… Media Matters, the same guys with that White Paper we referenced.

Here is the complaint, together with the response from @TrumpWarRoom

Ted Cruz, among others, has already been banging this drum.

Is it time to acknowledge they are editors and strip away Silicon Valley’s protection from lawsuits?