The New Trojan Horse: Black Lives Matter Deconstructed

Written by Ed Brodow on June 17, 2020

If you wanted to destroy America from within, how would you do it? A good place to start would be to attack its values, especially the respect we have for the rule of law. Such an attack is taking place before our eyes. We have ceded our cities to the mob, also known as Black Lives Matter.

BLM is a cover for attempted political control by the Left. It is a criminal enterprise using race as an excuse for the violent overthrow of the civil society. Based on the false narrative that cops are killing blacks, BLM places the blame for all the ills of black America on the shoulders of a so-called tradition of white racism. Racism justifies everything, they insist, including the use of violence. “BLM believes in force,” says Fox’s Tucker Carlson. “They flood the streets with angry young people who break things and hurt anyone who gets in the way. Until violence stops working, violence will continue.” A member of the Seattle BLM mob said, “We know that when we burn things down, we get what we want.”

Black author Shelby Steele, in White Guilt: How Blacks and Whites Together Destroyed the Promise of the Civil Rights Era, explained the birth of BLM this way: “By 1968 black anger and militancy had replaced the passivism of the King era as the best means to opportunity and power for blacks. Anger in the oppressed is a response to perceived opportunity, not to injustice. Black rage is always a kind of opportunism.” The non-violent approach endorsed by Martin Luther King was not producing sufficient “opportunity.”

A radical subset of the black community understood that white guilt offered a more seductive prize than non-violence. White guilt is a powerful force that many believe was responsible for the election of Barack Obama. “For black leaders in the age of white guilt,” Steele writes, “the problem was how to seize all they could get from white guilt without having to show actual events of racism.” The solution offered by BLM was systemic racism. Its existence could be proved by the smallest racial incident. “This is why one black man being beaten by police could trigger a massive riot,” Steele says. BLM launched a riot to “the scale of systemic racism rather than to the scale of the single racist event.” It explains how an isolated incidence of police brutality in Minneapolis caused massive demonstrations throughout the nation and the world.

Contrary to the BLM version of events, what happened to George Floyd was an isolated event. It does not represent how the vast majority of police treat black suspects, nor is it proof that America suffers from systemic racism. “America,” David Horowitz wrote in Big Agenda, “is arguably the most tolerant, least racist nation on earth.” Blacks, and especially BLM, have decided to blame whites instead of acknowledging that they themselves are at fault. The unwillingness to acknowledge Floyd’s violent criminal record illustrates how blacks have avoided taking responsibility for their collective behavior.

Portraying America as “an incurable mass of bigoted whites,” in the words of Ben Shapiro, has become a national pastime. But is it true? Black America, says Shelby Steele, “no longer has the excuse of oppression. Without oppression—and it must be acknowledged that blacks are no longer oppressed in America—the group itself becomes automatically responsible for its inferiority and non-competitiveness.” It is much easier to avoid that responsibility “by arguing that whites should be responsible for our development. And so, once again severed from responsibility we became slaves again, our fate the responsibility of others.”

Victimization plays a major role in Black Lives Matter. “When America acknowledged its racism, it effectively made blacks into the nation’s official and, seemingly, permanent victims,” says Steele. “It was an injustice to make victims responsible for their own problems. To do so would be to ‘blame the victim,’ thereby repeating his victimization. Now I was the one—as a victim—who possessed an almost reckless moral authority. Now I could shame and silence whites at will. This power to shame, silence, and muscle concessions from the larger society on the basis of past victimization became the new ‘black power.’ It evolved into what we call today ‘the race card.’ Now America had to prove itself to me.”

BLM would not be flourishing without the enthusiastic collaboration of whites. According to Rasmussen polls, an astounding 62 percent of likely voters have a favorable opinion of BLM. Millions are being donated by virtue-signaling sycophants. That seems to include Corporate America. Disney, for example, is giving “full-throated support” to BLM at the same time it is boycotting Fox News host Tucker Carlson because Carlson expressed deep criticism of what he calls the most powerful political force in the country. Contrary to leftist propaganda, BLM is an anti-First Amendment gang that advocates the dissolution of the nuclear family, disbanding the police, and reparations for blacks.

I was reluctant to believe that whites are partaking of the BLM Kool-Aid until someone showed me a video of a large crowd of whites on their knees in Bethesda, Maryland, as they were led through a mass confession of their racism. It reminded me of the Chinese Cultural Revolution where victims were forced to admit various crimes before a crowd of people who would verbally and physically abuse them. It is an indication of the power of white guilt. On a more personal level, a woman I have known for 20 years, on discovering my disapproval of BLM, wrote this: “I am astonished and crushed. I thought you were better, more loving and smarter than this.” Yes, I am no longer the loving person she knew. I am, instead, a racist. This is how people are intimidated by the BLM agenda. “BLM now enjoys almost complete immunity from criticism,” says Carlson. Saying that “all lives matter” is considered hate speech. People are being fired from their jobs for uttering those simple words. In all probability, I will be struck by lightning just for writing this article.

If white guilt becomes an unchallenged dogma, hate against whites will increase as nonwhites are told to blame their failures in life on white supremacy, and are taught to see Western history as one long tale of oppression. Eventually there will be a white backlash. That is part of the Left’s program. A civil war between races and ethnic groups is entirely possible. It is happening now in France between native-born French and Muslim immigrants. It can happen to us. Instead of making everyone feel they are part of a unified American social structure, the Left’s strategy is “divide and conquer.” Their aim is what Mark Levin calls the “balkanization” of society. BLM supports this objective.

“Democrats,” Tucker Carlson says, “believe their long-term goals align with those of BLM.” In other words, the Democratic Party hopes to gain power through anarchy and the mob. We can’t afford the luxury of embracing the violence of Black Lives Matter. A civilized society cannot tolerate lawlessness. The section of Seattle controlled by the mob is a phenomenon that, if not checked, will spread throughout the country like a cancer.

Ed Brodow is a conservative political commentator, negotiation expert, and regular contributor to Newsmax, Daily Caller, American Thinker, Townhall, LifeZette, Media Equalizer, Reactionary Times, and other online news magazines. He is the author of eight books including his latest blockbuster, Trump’s Turn: Winning the New Civil War.