True Biblical Greatness vs. Vapid Religious Bulls**t

Written by Doug Giles on June 25, 2020

If even the apostles needed to be straightened out on this point, don’t you think we might need to hear the same warning from time to time?

There is a world of difference between being a Big Shot and being someone that Christ would call ‘great’. Even the apostles need that explained to them. That’s the text Warriors and Wildmen uses as today’s jumping-off point.

The Kingdom of God plays by different rules and different standards than the Ivy League crowd jockeying to make partner in that law firm.

It’s not about prestige. It’s not about being noticed. It’s about being faithful to the things that really need doing.

Is it about having the right attitude to the task? Sure, but that’s missing the point. More importantly, it’s about having the right attitude to the PEOPLE.

Doug and Rich break share some of their own anecdotes about getting this right and getting this very, very wrong in today’s show which really puts Biblical Greatness in proper perspective.

Rich’s story about what happened in that Biker Bar is gold.

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