WATCH: Black And White Stand Together In A B@dass Message As Relevant Today As It Was Back Then

Written by Wes Walker on June 24, 2020

Some people TALK about making a difference in local at-risk communities. Others, like Captain Higgins, stand ready to walk the walk.

Captain Higgins stepped up in Louisiana, surrounded by other men like him ready to stand tall for their community… Law enforcement and Black Community leaders alike.

His town’s problem was gang members, so Higgins stood alone and apart from the others, offering a personal challenge to any of the wannabe tough guys in the local gangs.

Any time they want to try their luck man-to-man in a fair fight, he stands ready to face them.

He’s not just one guy, standing as a lone wolf, either.

The men standing behind him are proof that he’s not alone in taking a stand. Not alone in taking his town back from the criminal elements.

It’s not a ‘white’ thing or a ‘black’ thing. It’s a ‘law-abiding citizens sick of putting up with gangland crap’ thing. His message starts about 45 seconds in…

That was then…

Four years later, we have problems of our own. They’ve shifted a little, but they aren’t so very different. What do you think would happen to some of these soy-swilling Molotov-chuckers if a community like that one got together and decided, ‘you troublemakers are not welcome here‘.

The lawless mob relies on overwhelming numbers. But what if that card is taken from them?

The lawless mob relies on anonymity. But what if honest civilians pull their mask down to reveal their faces for the camera?

The lawless mob relies on police restraint in the face of their aggressive criminality. But what if it’s another civilian that stands in their way? Suddenly, instead of defiant rebels fighting for a cause, they look like the angry, destructive jerks they really are.

If the day ever comes when Americans realize there are more honest citizens who do NOT want our cities burned to the ground than there are criminals trying to destabilize our society, it’s game over.

It would quickly be a matter of just handing the evidence and the subdued bad guys over to the police for processing.

It would quickly be evident that the best way to save the city is to stand as one and reject these people.

Notice this took place as a show of unity. Divided, our communities are not nearly as strong. In this case, both groups cared enough about the community to put aside (or work out) whatever grievances or misunderstandings they may have in the past to work together on making their community a better place.

Maybe that’s a positive sign that we can do something like that at the local level elsewhere, too!

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