WATCH: Kayleigh McEnany Takes White House Press Corps To School Over Russian Bounty Story

Written by Wes Walker on June 30, 2020

Another White House ‘leak’ to the press led to another weekend of outraged pearl-clutching by the DC press. This time, it was over a claim that Russians offered Taliban fighters a bounty for killing Americans.

It would be a big story for sure… if it’s true. But with a Republican in office, the media doesn’t bother to vet any stories that might make the incumbent look bad. Just push it right out there and make the administration run the usual Leftist gauntlet of attacks.

The Democrats are using it to paint Trump as either weak, inept, or corruptly putting Russian interests above American ones, and have already spoken about opening up yet ANOTHER investigation into it.

There is a vetting process for intel claims for good reason. They do not want to trigger a series of events where the guy in the Oval Office moves us all to DefCon One over a piece of sketchy intel. Before information ever makes it into the Presidential Briefing, claims like this must go through an IC vetting process.

Here is the Press Secretary whipping the Press Corps like a rented mule:

‘Hand back their Pulitzers’, she said after laying out a devastating list of all the times that The Times have gotten stories of this level of import not just wrong, but entirely wrong.

The assessment of the role played by Russia’s military intelligence agency, the GRU, in fostering attacks on American soldiers, comes as President Trump is pushing the Pentagon to withdraw a significant portion of U.S. forces from Afghanistan and as U.S. diplomats try to forge a peace accord involving the Taliban and the U.S.-backed Afghan government.

The intelligence assessment regarding Russia’s actions in Afghanistan was delivered to the White House earlier this spring, and until recently had been known only to a handful of officials, a person familiar with it said. Its contents were reported earlier Friday by the New York Times. —FoxNews

As for the REST of the story, one of the issues that may be motivating this ‘leak’ would be the fact that not everyone is supportive of American forces leaving the region, and they are trying to force the President’s hand to reinvest there.

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