WATCH: The Dynamite Sermon Al Sharpton Didn’t Have The Guts To Deliver

Written by Wes Walker on June 29, 2020

This preacher doesn’t care about your feelings. Or embracing a victim mentality. He cares about facing a problem head-on.

Houston’s pastor Terry Anderson has a message that will be sure to offend certain minority group listeners. But they should listen anyway.

His message will be certain to offend some stodgy, self-righteous church types. But they should ALSO listen anyway.

There is plenty of offense to go around — because he is tackling a big issue that has long been ignored. But at least one preacher has the guts to stand up and say what needs saying.

More importantly, he starts talking about solution to a problem of crime and death.

The church has got to take some responsibility.

You might call this ‘tough love’.

But if the people in that audience take the action he’s calling them to make, they just might make a difference in their city. And if others did the same around the country, we might just save some lives.

More than that, we might actually start to mend some of the rifts in our great nation.

Wouldn’t that be something worth seeing?