America Could Use A Lawman Like Frank Hamer Right Now

Written by Doug Giles on July 1, 2020

This baby-faced, 22yr old Texas Ranger, was hell on two skinny legs if you were on the wrong side of the law. Twenty-eight years after this pic was taken he and his posse smoked the infamous, Bonnie & Clyde. This is the 6th installment in my Winchester Series and is titled, Frank Hamer – The Hammer. Oil on canvas. 24×36” of lethality. Both the original and prints are available. New customers get 20% off and free shipping.
For Old West buffs, we’re also offering my rendition of Will Bill. Both the original and prints are available.
While the morons on The Left are decrying Teddy Roosevelt and John Wayne we’re celebrating what they meant for American culture by offering these two prints.
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