Black Bro Rips Down Seattle Barricade, White BLM Protesters Stand Gobsmacked (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on July 28, 2020

Hold on, it gets better. This bro doesn’t just stand opposed to the angry, militant brats who have been shutting down a city and causing mayhem for going on 2 months. He’s got something to SAY, too.

While he’s kicking over the barricades and the little lemmings in their black block gear stand confused as to how they should handle this black man who isn’t singing from the approved songsheet, he goes one better.

He starts up a chant of his own.

Oh, but it isn’t THAT chant. Oh, no.

He dared to say the unthinkable.

At the top of his lungs, right there in the middle of the street, this black man started chanting — can you believe it — ‘all lives matter’.

He chanted it again, and again, and again.

Right in their faces. Right in the heart of Antifa soyboy territory.

They didn’t know how to react. You can’t just beat on him like they would a white guy. That would make them bigots.

So all they could do to ‘fight back’ is throw up a half-hearted counter-chant of Black Lives Matter.

But HE had all the fire and passion. Any fool could see it.

That wasn’t all. At the very end of it with a grand sweep of his arm at the crowd (middle finger prominently extended) he capped it off with… you guessed it.

F**K Black Lives Matter.

We don’t know whether the little medic’s station they were setting up in these places comes equipped with smelling salts, but it seems like some of those little lemmings might have needed some after having their worldviews cracked in half by a display like that.

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