Black Bro Sick Of Looking At BLM Signs Rips Them Down, Gets Attacked By White Punk

Written by Wes Walker on July 1, 2020

No homeowner likes to live across the street from an eyesore. One guy didn’t just bitch about it, he took action.

You see, a crapton of BLM slogans were put up on a chain-link fence, nasty-ing up the view of the nice green space behind it.

We have no idea how long he had been looking at it. But however long it had been, the answer was ‘long enough’.

He started walking the length of the fence, tearing down the signs. This deeply offended an angry white dude, who came at him, spoiling for a fight.

He rushed him, tried to drag him to the ground, but first guy

The first guy said he had his kids with him, so he obviously wasn’t looking for trouble.

Skinny Leftist did not care. He got right in the first guy’s face. Took the sunglasses off his face, and squared off ready to fight him.

Can someone please explain how a white leftist threatening to beat up some black man for cleaning up his OWN neighborhood fits with the idea behind that slogan ‘Black Lives Matter’?

Or are they ready to admit this isn’t really about black lives so much as it is pushing an extreme left agenda?