Black Woman Chants ‘Re-Fund The Police’ While Dumping Black Paint On De Blasio’s BLM Piece

Written by Wes Walker on July 19, 2020

Apparently the one thing that must NOT be defaced with paint is — a political propaganda message painted out of spite rather than concern.

How do we know?

Because by intentionally turning a building the Secret Service have identified as a security zone into a political flashpoint, De Blasio has made the Secret Service’s job far more difficult.

If it was just a question of messaging, as Trump pointed out, they would have put it in a far more visible location… in front of Madison Square Gardens, for instance.

But the message was NOT intended for the city. It was explicitly intended for an audience of one.

“The request to paint BLM on streets throughout the city came from leaders within the movement,” de Blasio spokesman Freddi Goldstein said, according to the New York Post. “The president needs this helpful reminder.” — FoxNews

But if you’re going claim to speak monolithically for an entire group, all it takes are a few dissenting voices to kick down that house of cards.

Here’s one such dissenting voice now.

BLM is supposed to be the univocal demand of all Black Americans that police be diminished if not altogether abolished, isn’t it? Among a great many other Marxist demands, that is.

Well, it seems this black lady didn’t get the memo.

She’s down there in front of Trump Tower exercising her own right to dissent, doing her own version of ‘not in my name’ against Government tax dollars being spent to promote a cause that does not represent her interests. By her chanting ‘Re-Fund the police’, among other things, she believes that inner city neighborhoods are made SAFER by increased police presence, not more dangerous.

The backlash has begun

Posted by DC Draino on Saturday, July 18, 2020

No. We’re not standing for Black Lives Matter. We want our police!

Having seen the spike in the crime spree, it’s hard to dispute her.

Notice a couple of things about her. One, the words that she is bold enough to say are enough to get anyone who isn’t black canceled, and two, the very counter-cultural words on her shirt.

Good going, lady, whoever you are.

Show them that this message has not been universally embraced… but that they have mostly bullied people into compliance.