BOLD: Woman’s Message Fishslaps BLM Identity Politics ‘Don’t Call Me A Black Woman’ Because…

Written by Wes Walker on July 27, 2020

The BLM rules of the game are that an adjective describing your skin color is the defining characteristic of your place in society. But this chica refuses to drink their Kool-Aid.

If an adjective is needed to describe you, it must be there to serve an important purpose. But the one that the race-baiters insist on using to describe her is one that she personally finds insulting.

‘Don’t call me a black woman’ Priscilla Shirer says.

Why? Is she, as some might allege, ‘self-loathing’ in some way, or embarrassed in some way by her ethnic heritage?


That answer might shock anyone indoctrinated into the world of intersectional identity politics, but it’s absolutely true. Discomfort with her ethnicity has nothing whatsoever to do with it.

She rejects that adjective for a different reason.

Tagging her with that particular adjective does not capture the facet of her identity that she sees as *most* fundamental to who she really is.

And if Identitarian Politics is going to be held to its own rules, shouldn’t THAT be the real measure of which adjective — if any — a person ought to be measured by?

This should prompt the obvious next question — with what adjective SHOULD this woman be tagged?

She would rather be known as a Christian woman than as a Black one. Because THAT is where she attaches her ultimate identity.

Considering Christians believe in a life after death that includes a resurrected body fundamentally different in some way than the one we now know, wouldn’t it make sense that someone who measures a lifetime in millennia rather than in decades would anchor her identity in something more enduring than skin color?

But try explaining that to the irreligious fundamentalists over at BLM and they’ll waver somewhere between confusion and outrage.

We could hardly imagine how much it would grind their gears to see the Galilean Rebel face-to-face. They’d quickly discover he’s not so easily squeezed into the mold of a race-baiting Marxist revolutionary.

In fact, he’s not the sort to be intimidated in any way whatsoever.

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