BUSTED Postal Worker Gets Caught Manipulating Absentee Ballot Requests

Written by Wes Walker on July 12, 2020

Isn’t this *precisely* the kind of voter fraud that media types and other leftists mocked Trump for saying was a threat to the integrity of our voting system?

They tried to claim that Trump was engaged in ‘voter suppression’ by insisting that millions of unconfirmed voters who may or may not even still be at that address — or even alive! — not be sent mass-mailings of ballots?

There is a chain-of-custody risk, where the ballot is unobserved by anyone properly vetted and authorized in protecting the electoral franchise of the voters.

A postal worker in West Virginia pleaded guilty to charges that he altered absentee ballot requests he collected from the residents of three rural towns. Thomas Cooper had a contract to pick up mail for people in Onego, Riverton, and Franklin and was responsible for dropping off the absentee ballot requests to the Pendleton County Clerk’s office.

Officials became suspicious after he dropped off the forms in April. An investigation found that the party affiliation on five of the forms had been changed from Democrat to Republican. Three other forms, which had already checked the box marked Republican, were also altered. On those forms, he circled the box labeled Republican with a black pen.–BuckSexton

The guy claimed it was a joke.

Notice, just like in so many other such cases, the results favor the Democrats and/or disadvantage Republicans. Don’t expect Biden to change his tune about mail-in ballots though. Especially if he thinks his party can exploit it.

While writing this story, another such story crossed the desk of yours truly.

The U.S. Postal Service has identified hundreds of absentee ballots for the April election that never made it to voters or couldn’t be counted because of postmark problems, a new report says.

The post office’s internal watchdog chalked the problems up to receiving outgoing absentee ballots at the last moment from election officials, inconsistent postmarking of ballots and one mail carrier’s inattention to getting absentee ballots to voters in Fox Point.

…Clerks and voters across Wisconsin reported a host of problems, and the inspector general’s report touches on four of them.

…Three mail tubs containing 749 ballots from the Fox Valley didn’t get to voters in time for them to cast them.

Appleton officials had given the absentee ballots to a third-party mail vendor on April 6, the day before the election, according to the report. The mail vendor provided them to the post office about 6 p.m. on election day.

…In Fox Point, a mail carrier erroneously delivered about 160 absentee ballots meant for voters to the village’s election office. The carrier “admitted to not reviewing each ballot to confirm the destination address before returning them to the Fox Point (election office),” the report noted.

…About 390 absentee ballots that were returned by Milwaukee voters didn’t include postmarks or had ones that were illegible or that lacked a date. The post office was able to work with election officials to validate all but about 40 of those postmarks after election day, the report said.

…A large number of voters who requested absentee ballots on March 22 and March 23 reported they never received their absentee ballots. The postal service couldn’t determine how the mailing of ballots on those days was handled because they were not sent in envelopes with intelligent barcodes that make tracking easier. —Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Next time Democrats whine that Republicans are trying to ‘suppress’ voters, show them this story.

And then you can ask them why they are willing to see voters disenfranchised? After all, any vote cast that isn’t 100% legitimate dilutes the power of the person who cast it. Get enough illegitimate votes in there and you could easily get a result 100% opposite of what the voters actually demanded.