Cartoon News Show Portrays Lincoln Project ‘Conservatives’ As Grifters–Rick Wilson Squirms! (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on July 16, 2020

We’ve finally found out what it takes for Colbert’s writers to be funny. It takes making fun of a never-Trumper.

You see, any story about Trump isn’t even comedic. It’s straight-up vitriol, contempt, and low blows. It has all the subtlety of being cracked over the head with a pool cue.

And, last time we checked in any way, any jokes about the Left use a very light touch. Wouldn’t want to embarrass anyone TOO badly or accidentally empower a Republican candidate.

NeverTrumpers, on the other hand, a sort of twilight in-between. None of the Racist-bigot-homophobe lines of attack work, because there IS no association with Trump for them to heap guilt upon.

On the other hand, they are solidly Republican in their party affiliation, which means they are fair game for taking heavy rhetorical fire.

And so, his writers had leave to do a good and proper lampooning of Rick Wilson and T he Lincoln Project.


Ex-GOP strategist Rick Wilson and his group The Lincoln Project were the subjects of mockery on the Stephen Colbert-produced animated show “Tooning Out The News.”

Wilson, who has long been an outspoken anti-Trump critic on cable news network, co-founded The Lincoln Project, a PAC launched in 2019 that has become known for its viral ads aiming to not only defeat President Trump in the upcoming election but any Republican lawmaker who has supported him as well.

However, while both Wilson and The Lincoln Project have been embraced by the likes of MSNBC, they received an icy reception on the comedic CBS All Access program that spawned from “The Late Show.”

During the interview, the panel of cartoon anchors noted how seven members of The Lincoln Project were also Bush-Cheney campaign alumni.

“I’ve got to say, we really miss Bush. He always did what was right for the country, that country being Saudi Arabia,” one anchor quipped.

…Wilson was called out for his tweets disparaging Muslims and the LGBTQ community but what caused the anti-Trumper to visibly squirm was a tweet from 2010 that read, “Dear Nutroot lefties: You are Barack Obama’s b—-. You are pathetic little whores satisfied with crumbs and head-pats.”

“Rick, when was the exact moment you realized those ‘pathetic little whores’ could be tapped for money?” the female anchor asked.

“You know, the fact of the matter is everyone on Twitter lives in a culture where there’s a lot of fronting, a lot of s— talk, okay?” Wilson defended himself. “And not every quote that you have on Twitter from the past is something you’re going to live with forever. These things are a culture that runs both ways.”

Speaking of ‘pathetic little whores’, is it even fair to describe Wilson as a ‘Republican’ anymore? National Review says ‘no’.

David Harsanyi wrote an article over at National Review about who exactly is funding the Lincoln Project and, well, spoiler alert–it isn’t Republicans.

The media can keep calling you “Republicans,” but if you support Democrats, take Democratic Party positions, make voting for Democrats all the way down the ticket a binary choice and moral imperative, and then take most of your money from big Democratic Party donors, you’re a Democrat. That’s fine. You should embrace it.

I’m not really a fan of making a big deal over a group’s funding. Your arguments should stand on their own. I don’t care who pays you. But if you advertise your cause as something it’s not, you’re a fraud. And the biggest funders of The Lincoln Project aren’t distraught Republicans but long-time Democratic Party operatives.

Source: National Review

Sorry, Rick. Jumping on the NeverTrump bandwagon doesn’t mean the Left will love you, It just means that EVERYONE will now hate you.