Chris Cuomo Invites Viral St. Louis Armed Homeowner Onto CNN… Promptly Humiliates Himself (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on July 1, 2020

They say it only takes a moment to change a person’s life. With viral social media moments like the St. Louis homeowners who went to the lawn to face down a mob, that axiom has never been more true.

After scores of ‘peaceful protesters’ with a history of animosity toward wealthy people broke down the gate to a private street, and clamored through a homeowner’s neighborhood, he called the authorities for help. But he quickly learned that help wasn’t coming.

So, having seen other such groups loot and burn buildings in his city, he took matters into his own hands. He and his wife stood on their lawn, armed and ready to defend their property.

Even in the interview, Fredo Cuomo obviously sympathized with the protesters and tried to downplay the harm they caused the homeowners. But Mark McCloskey was having none of it.

He cut through Cuomo’s dishonest framing of the events like a Samourai Sword

But that wasn’t all. Cuomo tried to get some Orange Man Bad digs in, too. Notice how little he had to say while putting Chris entirely back on his heels.

Cuomo wound up getting defensive on his own damned show. And McCloskey never even broke a sweat.

If he’s got that kind of composure in a courtroom, it’s no wonder he lives in a house like that one.

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