Fauci’s First Pitch Was Even More Off-Base Than The Predictive Model He Relied On

Written by Wes Walker on July 24, 2020

For anyone who hasn’t noticed yet, Fauci has replaced the now-disgraced Creepy Porn Lawyer as the ubiquitous go-to personality they have on as a cudgel to beat the President with.

Fauci showed up in a photo spread in a magazine.

There was even buzz during the peak of lockdown about, well, THIS:

Hold that thought. He was invited to throw the opening pitch for the Nationals. That’s normally a big deal, right?

Sure. Unless THIS happens.

I can almost hear that voice calling his pitch, “JUST a BIT outside…”

That’s embarrassing.

Let’s have another look, shall we?

There’s another guy from those COVID meetings who has thrown out a first pitch. A guy that has been routinely trash-talked for his fitness levels.

Yeah. That’s right.

In baseball, Trump was on the mark when Fauci isn’t.

Is it funny, or sad, how that same statement applies to a few other topics, too?

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