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Written by Doug Giles on July 12, 2020

Little Lord Fauci has been a busy boy. He’s certainly left his mark on society.

He and others have used the Chinese Coronavirus as a pretext for a few little changes…

And then a few more.

Let’s do a quick little recap of what kind of changes we’ve been seeing since the Wuhan Wheezer blew into town, shall we?

It’s three minutes of kickassery that just might — I said just might — wake a few clods out of their slumber before the whole damn Constitution is flushed down the toilet… and our nation with it.

If you think that’s some straight-talking tough love, just wait until you see what Jesus looks like when yo wash away all the pastel colors he’s been painted over with through the centuries.

The Nazarine Rebel of scripture looks nothing like your soft-focus Thomas Kinkade or Precious Moments representations of him.

If you think you can handle seeing what he’s REALLY like, check it out.

If Masculinity Is ‘Toxic’, Call Jesus Radioactive

Much of the Left loathes masculinity and they love to paint Jesus as a non-offensive bearded woman who endorses their agenda. This book blows that nonsense all to hell. From the stonking laptop of bestselling author, Doug Giles, comes a new book that focuses on Jesus’ overt masculine traits like no other books have heretofore. It’s informative, bold, hilarious, and scary. Giles has concluded, after many years of scouring the scripture that, If Masculinity Is ‘Toxic’, Call Jesus Radioactive. 

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