HILARIOUS: Conservative Pundit Gives Perfect Description Of Modern Progressives’ Origin Story

Written by Wes Walker on July 8, 2020

For a group that claims it’s so new and cutting edge, one author had ‘Progressives’ perfectly pegged more than seven decades ago.

When you think of the modern ‘Progressive’, what comes to mind?

They have restrictive expectations that apply to groups they would like to control, but they themselves get a ‘pass’ for doing the same things. (The differing treatment about masks, for instance.)

They also have a thirst for erasing history so they have a blank cultural canvas to paint their vision of the world.

We are seeing them targeting not just historical monuments and institutions, but even such cultural bedrock as two-parent marriage itself has come under attack.

Sean Davis has it figured out:

Two of George Orwell’s kids had themselves an unholy bastard… and heaven help us, now it’s become a political movement.