Judge Shoots Down Pelosi’s ‘Stormtrooper’ Talking Point… Upholds Federal Action In Portland

Written by Wes Walker on July 25, 2020

Portland’s mayor desperately wants federal law enforcement to just go away. The feds told him they’re doing their job and maybe he should start doing his. The judge casts the deciding vote.

Portland has been under a constant seige by rioters for more than 50 days.

There has been violence. There has been destruction. Local or state officials have done nothing to tame these riots. So the Feds stepped in and operated in such capacities as their jurisdiction can allow.

It appears to have included the arrest of certain key agitators from the group of rioters.

Naturally, the agitators were NOT happy about a grownup stepping into the situation and telling the spoiled toddlers ‘no’ for a change.

So the toddlers cried for mama, and the Mayor went to court.

The Mayor promptly lost.

A federal judge on Friday denied a request from the Oregon attorney general seeking a temporary restraining order against federal officers in Portland.

In court documents obtained by KOIN 6 News, U.S. District Judge Michael W. Mosman found the state of Oregon “lacks standing” in its attempt to limit federal agents’ efforts in the state’s most populous city.

The attorney general’s restraining order request sought restrictions, such as requiring federal officers to identify themselves before making an arrest and explain to a person why they were being detained. It also sought to block any arrests that lacked probable cause.

“It is not unusual, following major protests, for some of the people involved to allege that the police crossed a line—a constitutional line—in the course of their interactions,” stated Mosman. “It is also common for these interactions to result in lawsuits, with protesters contending the police violated their First and Fourth Amendment rights and seeking redress by money damages and injunctive relief. There is a well established body of law paving the way for such lawsuits to move forward in federal court. This is not such a lawsuit. It is a very different case, a highly unusual one with a particular set of rules.” —KOIN

Yet again, Trump has been found ‘guilty’ of remaining within the limits of his actual Article II authority as defined by the Constitution.

He’s not very good at being a dictator, now is he? Almost as bad at being a dictator as he is at being a racist.

Has anyone yet pointed to a single instance of someone calling him a bigot before the day he came down that escalator with an (R) after his name?

I’m guessing ‘no’.