LMAO: A New Kind Of ‘Hunting’ Courtesy Of 2020’s Endless Craziness

Written by Wes Walker on July 6, 2020

Yes, this is a funny clip. But they make a couple of points in there that should really get you thinking.

What could a guy laying down beside a bush on some freshly-mown grass POSSIBLY be hunting for?

The quarry isn’t especially intelligent, that much is for sure.

With all this unrest in the cities, some stragglers from Antifa are starting to venture out of the cities. And this guy is ready for them. He’s got a pretty detailed description of them — both the males and females of the species — and had a few things to say about both their habitat and what they might be looking for.

On a more serious note, there is another point to be made here.

The Lawless Ones (whatever name you want to attach to them) have been venturing beyond the cities, and have been causing trouble in places that tended to consider themselves to be more or less free of some of the more dangerous elements of city living.

And citizens are learning the hard way that all of the gun-grabbers’ explanations about the police being just a phone call away falls apart when there’s civil unrest.

If there isn’t already someone standing ready to defend that property — with lethal force if necessary — you’re pretty much screwed, because no help will be coming.

And unlike that now-famous couple in St. Louis, most of us can’t afford to spend top-dollar on a security team to hit ‘protesters’ with floodlights and stand ready to ventilate the first dumb bastard to make a move on the property.

“Who could possibly need 30 rounds in a magazine”, they asked? In situations like that one, wouldn’t you rather have the one with 100 rounds?

When it’s life-or-death, you don’t get a do-over if you’ve got no way to defend yourself. If you make plans and preparations ahead of time, you need not freak out if things ever DO go sideways.

And part of that plan should probably include familiarity with the local laws concerning when lethal force can and cannot be used in self-defense. You probably won’t have time to ask Siri to look that up for you if the time ever comes.

Stay safe out there!