LMAO: Can’t Afford A NYTimes Bigot To Berate You Over Dinner? Call this Hotline, Instead! (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on July 14, 2020

If there is one thing Woke White Liberals simply cannot get enough of, it’s scolding for how horrible they are.

They have ‘privilege’.

They are unconscious racists.

They are every ‘-ist’ and ‘-phobe’ going.

They are basically, just the scum of the earth.

Or at least OTHER people who look like them are, and they are doing penance for how horrible the rest of us are for not seeing ourselves through their ‘enlightened’ eyes.

They seem far happier about themselves when they have to come to grips with the horrors of their Whiteness.

Happier still, when they have subjected themselves to the debasing abuse of Leftist websites, News Media, Fashion magazines, and all the rest.

Such abuse must be what it takes to feel ‘centered’ in their twisted little world.

Modern times call for modern solutions. Comedian Ryan Long has come up with the perfect service for them. After all, not everyone can have a bigoted New York Times writer roll up to dinner with them to berate them for something like $1500 a shot.

But $9.99 a minute? That’s far more manageable.

He may be joking, but…

You can almost imagine it being a real service, can’t you?

And how different is it, really, from the direction Sensitivity Training and The 1619 Project are taking us, anyway?