LMAO: Someone Gave Those Social Justice Warriors ‘Superheroes’ A Theme Song (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on July 11, 2020

The really sad thing is, if you didn’t pay attention to the words, it would almost be hard to tell if this was actually sanctioned by Marvel, or if it’s a top-tier parody.

After all, Marvel Comics HAVE unironically introduced SJW ‘heroes’ into their lineup. This parody just takes that idea … a little bit further.

It makes you wonder if there’ll be a ‘crossover episode’ where AOC’s superhero character makes a cameo?

The left has been busy trying to reverse public perceptions of virtue and vice, shoehorning them into their own public perceptions. But more than that, they have also been celebrating the ‘courage’ of cowards, and demonizing anyone who actually DOES have the cojones to take a stand.

Those of us who remember what cartoons were like back in the mid-to-late ’80s will either laugh or shudder (maybe both?) when they see how the superhero cartoon genre has been flung open to the new breed of loser ‘heroes’.

They even got the ‘feel’ of the Saturday Morning Cartoon genre just right.

Victimizers beware! It’s racists’ and bigots’ biggest nightmare… ‘Social Justice Warriors! — Get Triggered’

It’s the bias response team. If you’ve been offended, your feelings must be defended…

Your freedom expression is a microagression! Here comes Antifa Freddy! He’s always ready to fight fascism… with fascism. Starbucks windows don’t stand a chance.

And it goes on from there.

Imagine the shock if these clods ever came toe-to-toe with someone genuinely heroic..?

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