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News Clash

New Jersey’s Atilis Gym Owners Arrested For Continuously Defying Lockdown Orders

These patriots have no intention of backing down in the face of tyrannical overreach. If anything they now seem even MORE resolute.

They are business owners doing their best to provide for their families and to earn an honest living.

Better still, this business actually promotes the kind of health and well-being that improves your chances of surviving a bout of the dreaded Chinavirus. They have been openly defying the governor’s mandates and the clash has finally come to a head.

The owners have been arrested.

Smith wrote:

Welcome to America 2020, where feeding your family and standing up for your Constitutional rights is illegal. @govmurphy flexing his little tyrant muscles finally – only took him 70 days. Officers from the county sheriffs entered the premises without a warrant or adhering to the signage posted on the door requesting they call first. They took Frank and I away and boarded up our private place of business. This is gonna be fun in court. If this doesn’t alarm you, you’re part of the problem. Please share and repost, let’s make these idiots answer for their power trip.

One reporter, writing a book on their story, had a front-row seat to the drama playing out when they were arrested.

BJ Dowlen posted video of the arrest on Facebook Monday morning.

She says she had spent the night at the gym because the owners are her book clients and she had been interviewing them and writing.

“Well, this was a first,” Dowlen said. “I stayed the night in the gym writing, my book clients Ian & Frank were just waking up, I’m gathering my computer & notebooks, just waiting for the guys to come out for a few final questions, and then a SWARM of Camden County Sheriffs & local Bellmawr police (with K-9 units waiting in a vehicle) come bursting thru the door….to me, sitting there, writing, by myself. First & foremost, the law enforcement officers were polite & respectful. Look for my video footage on national channels. And tonight/this morning, I am writing this new book chapter right now!!!”

In another Facebook video, Dowlen says she counted at least 20 vehicles, between unmarked, sheriff’s office and local police in the parking lot to arrest the owners. The K-9 unit was also reportedly there.

The owners had been staying inside the gym since last week when a judge ruled the gym was in contempt of Gov. Phil Murphy’s order after reopening their doors.–CBS

That’s a lot of police to arrest just two men. You’d think they were up against someone REALLY ‘dangerous’, like Roger Stone or something. Good thing there are no actual crimes in their neighborhood to occupy their attention.

Hey ‘Peaceful Protesters’ (and the journos who drool over them) listen up!

Civil disobedience isn’t really about throwing Molotov Cocktails into random buildings and injuring cops. Civil disobedience is about doing the right and decent thing, even when a wrong-headed government official tells you ‘thou shalt not’.

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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