NEW RULES: What If Patriotic Americans Were To Hijack The Kneeling Protest Itself?

Written by Wes Walker on July 22, 2020

Dan Bongino has a saying: ‘New Rules’. It means, basically, that we do not and should not play nice with the militant left, we should play to BEAT the militant left at their own game.

For instance, if THEY play by the rule that WE should be canceled for a 12-year-old tweet, then THEY should be canceled for a comparable 12-year-old tweet. If OUR side’s products get targeted for boycotts then so should theirs. And so on.

One of the tactics the Left has been using lately (if you’ve been paying attention) is taking the very things we LOVE and making them intentionally controversial. It’s intended to be subversive. And it’s been working.

Look at the anthem, the flag, national heroes, our history, the police, and so many other examples. Things that we loved and took pride in have become contentious and tainted with the bitterness surrounding the controversy. We can’t even enjoy sports like we used to because of a Marxist movement.

Nobody is allowed to criticize the displays of protest involved in the BLM movement or the kneeling campaign… right?

But what would happen if we subverted that campaign itself?

The NBA is all-in for the whole BLM thing, but we did get to see the mask slip a little when it came to light that they were NOT permitting custom jerseys to say ‘Free Hong Kong’. It was only after being shamed for it that they permitted pro-Hong Kong messages. We all saw last October how the whole league was running like scared rabbits when one of their own made a single tweet in support of the Hong Kong protesters.

They were desperate to NOT piss off their Chinese paymasters for fear they would get cut off.

Remember the logic they gave us why it was wrong to forbid the protest.

They explicitly rejected any arguments of pure commerce and business obligation of a player in uniform during a public appearance at an event, countering it with objections that they do not forfeit their freedom of speech just because they took a job. They consciously and deliberately incorporated master-slave arguments in their objections to ‘censorship’ of the protests.

So the new normal is, that kneeling protests are fair game.

What if we do to the kneeling protest what the left did to the rainbow. It used to be a religious symbol. Read the Noah’s Ark story in Genesis for what it meant. But now it has been hijacked by a group that isn’t particularly friendly to religious expression.

What if we flipped the script and applied that old judo tactic of using their own momentum against them? What if pro-Americans double down on the protest… but make it about something bigger.

We all remember how Colin Kaepernick, poster boy for both Nike and Kneeling, made this about slavery, right? What if players took off their NIKE Shoes in some ritualized and dramatic way and did some exaggerated version of kneeling, maybe on both knees, facing down with their hands laced behind their neck for the duration of the Anthem.

When someone asks about the protest, they might say something like: ‘America is the best damned country on the planet, but I knelt in support of all those people who do NOT enjoy the freedom Americans take for granted. Like the Uyghurs who are serving as slave labor making Nike Shoes in China, or the people of Hong Kong who are having their freedoms taken away, or the many places across the world where people are still sold into slavery today.

Or, they might go on both knees in a position of prayer and say, when asked” ‘I am praying for the heroic police and other first responders who have suffered serious injuries at the hand of people who do not care about the safety of our most vulnerable people in the inner cities’.

It makes these leagues choose between their loyalties to China and America. Suddenly the pro sports leagues throwing in with the Marxists don’t have the same moral authority. Especially with China’s easily-proven human rights abuses.

These leagues do not fear OUR wrath, but they fear losing China dollars. How long do you think it would be until protests of any sort were suddenly off the table?

We need to learn to be creative in taking back the narrative.

If we fight the culture war on their terms, we are fighting on ground they have already prepared with us as the perpetual enemy, and them as the good guy.

But reminding the world that Colin Kapernick is getting rich off of the backs of enslaved Muslims in China…?

THAT is a message that might shake up some assumptions about who the real good guys and bad guys are. How can a guy profiting from slavery TODAY still be complaining about slavery that was abolished a century and a half ago? If he loses his moral high ground and icon status he loses his cultural power.

What OTHER creative ways can you think of to enact these new rules.