PLAGIARIZING JOE: ‘Moderate’ Biden’s Unity Task Force Copies And Pastes Bernie’s 2020 Platform For White House Run

Written by Wes Walker on July 9, 2020

We’ve all lived a lifetime or three since Super Tuesday, but have we all forgotten WHY Biden was able to snag the nomination? Dems rallied around the only guy who had a shot at beating Bernie.

Why was beating Bernie so important? Because Angry Bernie was openly a proto-Soviet who praised Venezuela’s government and bread lines as being ‘good’.

Biden, we were told, was the much more moderate and mainstream Democrat candidate who wouldn’t tilt at all the same windmills that a Cold War Commie like Bernie would.

That’s what we were TOLD. But Bernie pledged to pull Biden as far to the Left has he could.

The question WE have to answer is which Biden are we being offered? Is he a ‘hold-the-line’ continuation of what we saw when he and Obama were in office?

Or has the party cranked the wheel hard to the left, with Biden serving only as the sock-puppet figurehead making their radical policies seem a little more mainstream?

Well, that question is being answered for us in real-time.

His platform has literally taken an old meme and turned it into real life.

There were about a million versions of the ‘copy your homework’ meme. Here are a couple.

That old joke isn’t quite as funny anymore now that Joe, who had to drop his presidential run of the ’80s due to plagiarism, is telling us what he plans to do if he takes office.

Word-for-Word from Bernies’ Manifesto.

Bernie’s giving his full-throated endorsement:

Is it any wonder that AOC, who publicly lamented as recently as January that, in any other country, she and Biden wouldn’t even be in the same party — is now solidly on board with his candidacy.

SHE didn’t compromise by coming to the center.  He pulled to the Left.

Biden is Bernie, and Bernie is Biden.

We’re quickly learning that the policy differences between them are mainly superficial.