WATCH: Angry Leftist Mob Targets NY Church–Harassing Worshippers And Shouting ‘Black Lives Matter’ During The Sermon

Written by K. Walker on July 6, 2020

Is this part of the “new normal”?

A self-described “ol’ fashioned church” has been targeted by Black Lives Matter protesters for two weeks in a row.

Grace Baptist Church in Troy, New York, has posted dozens of videos of the treatment that Christians are subjected to for simply attending services.

A mob has repeatedly gathered in front of the church and shouted at worshippers as they enter the building, intimidating them, and getting quite aggressive.


Pastor John Koletas doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to back down and cave to the mob.

He confronted the mob outside his church:

The BLM protesters stormed the service started shouting “Black Lives Matter” during the sermon and were escorted out.

The one good thing about this story is that Grace Baptist Church is calling out their harassers publicly.

They’re not going to put up with crap.

It seems that protesters were upset that the church was giving away an AR-15.

They even got a visit from some self-proclaimed witches ready to cast spells on the church.



Wow, it looks like someone’s dialed up the self-importance knob to 11.

These nutters are there with the protesters and the BLM supporters didn’t do a thing about it.

That pretty well tells you everything that you need to know, doesn’t it?

They’re targeting Christian churches.

Gee, if only we could’ve seen this coming.

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